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Activating + Amplifying Advocacy

Social media platforms popped up overnight, bringing with them unprecedented changes and valuable venues for word-of-mouth marketing.  Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare - the list is growing, as are the opportunities and challenges. 

The CMO Council aims to take a critical look into the world of customer advocacy -auditing, measuring and reporting on its effectiveness, cost, impact and value. Through engagement with social network operators, the CMO Council, in partnership with WOMMA, will unravel the complexities of advocacy, particularly in the digital realm. The report will focus on the frequency, prevalence, tonality, sentiment, influence, relevancy, context and reach of real-time messaging and consumer-generated content.

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Peer influence analysis shows that American consumers generate 500 billion impressions on one another regarding products and services every year. • Forbes

Facebook has more than 500 million active users, Twitter obtains over 300,000 new users a day, and YouTube exceeds 2 billion views per day. • ClickZ

Research indicates that buyers, customers and consumers often will trust each other far more than they'll trust employees, sales or company. • Forbes

Survey results show that a whopping 81 percent of brand conversations actually take place face-to-face. Another 11 percent occur on the phone. Just 7 percent happen online. • Forbes Blogs

Among key demographic groups, affluent consumers, at 30%, scored highest for saying they’re far more likely to spread a bad experience. Seniors scored the lowest at 19%. In the other demographics, 25% of young adults and 25% of women said they’re far more likely to share a bad experience. Hispanics’ score was 21%. • COLLOQUY Research

68% of US consumers who posted a complaint or negative review of a holiday shopping experience during the 2010 holiday season were contacted by the retailer. Of that 68% who were contacted following a negative social media posting, 34% deleted their original negative review. Another 33% turned around and posted a positive review, while 18% became a loyal customer and bought more. These figures mean that 85% of customers who posted a negative review of a shopping experience and were then contacted by the retailer wound up taking an action that was positive for the retailer. Two-thirds (67%) of them took an action through social media directly negating their original negative posting. • RightNow and Harris Interactive

Of 3,295 U.S. consumers surveyed by COLLOQUY, slightly more than one out of every four (26%) said they are far more likely to spread the word to family, friends and coworkers about a bad experience with a product or service than a good one. • COLLOQUY Research

Just seven percent of the general population are "Pure Madvocates" consumers who aren’t connected to brands and aren’t willing to advocate for them, but who are oriented to negative word of mouth.
 • COLLOQUY Research

75 percent of the general population said that when they’ve had a bad experience with a product or service they advise friends and family. That surpasses the 42% who said they always recommend a product or service they really like; the 71% who said they’re always looking to experience something new; and the 67% who said they love telling people about something new they’ve learned.
 • COLLOQUY Research

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