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March 2014

Corporate Drag ‘Hamstrings Customer-Centric Marketing’

Marketers' efforts to make companies in Asia Pacific, including Australia, more customer-centric are being held back by operational gaps, laggard systems and minimal resources, according to a new report by the CMO Council.

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Who Owns the Responsibility of Customer Experience?

Ownership of customer experience is fragmented across businesses and as result only 23% of marketers have a complete view of interactions across all stages of the customer lifecycle.

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Marketers Know Customer-Service is Lacking in APAC: CMO Council

Asia-Pacific – A New CMO Council study reveals that only 26 per cent of marketers believe their back-office systems and structures enable their companies to live up to brand promises and marketing claims.

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Asia-Pacific Marketers Admit They Lack Formal Customer Engagement Strategies

CMO Council report finds regional marketers lack the back-office systems, operational structures and formal customer experience management strategies to meet their brand objectives.

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APAC Marketers Seek Greater Role in Customer Experience

Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) companies may want to take heed of the famous quote by American actress Mae West—"An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises"—particularly as it relates to delivering on brand promises made to Asia's 4.3 billion consumers.

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January 2014

Digital measurement in Asia Pacific: A reality check

Everyone talks about measurement, but the true state of the art in many organisations may disturb you. Digital measurement is quite a popular conversation topic in management circles and industry conferences. But how much of the urgency purported at networking events really transforms into concerted and sincere effort toward meaningful and simple measurement ecosystems within today's enterprises? 

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December 2013

Adobe and CMO Council Study: Indian Marketers Ready to Adopt and Integrate Digital Marketing in Their Businesses [Professional Services Close - Up]

Adobe November 28 released the second annual Adobe APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard, a study done by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. According to a release, a six-month in-field program comprising quantitative and qualitative surveys, the study benchmarked the levels of adoption, traction and success of digital marketing in Australia, Singapore, Korea, China, Hong Kong and India. 276 senior marketers from a range of industries took part in the study including 43 respondents from India.

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Big data could generate $250b in APAC revenues

Big data could help generate an extra $250 billion in revenues in the Asia Pacific region, however implementations are hampered by a lack of available skills and poor internal communications. That's the key finding of new research commissioned by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and conducted by The Economist's Economic Intelligence Unit.

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Despite gaps, APAC marketers confident of digital abilities

SIGNIFICANT differences are starting to appear between Asia Pacific countries according to the results of the second annual Adobe APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard conducted by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. 

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Study: Australia’s CMOs need to invest more building digital staff capabilities

Australian marketers are still focusing their digital marketing efforts primarily on driving traffic to their web sites while higher customer satisfaction (and its corollary engagement) languish as a priority.

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November 2013

60% Asia-Pacific Marketers Show Strong Support For Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that digital is the future and Asia is where the action is. The advancement of digital marketing transformation across Asia is the basis of findings of a new study from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. Initially reported by IDR, “APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard’ is a study by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe.

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Asia firms lag in spending on digital marketing

AS attention shifts from traditional media to online channels, the marketing budget should also shift accordingly. But while their western counterparts are doing it, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council says that Asian companies are not keeping up with the move.

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APAC marketers finally focus on customer-centric digital approach to mktg

Significant differences are starting to appear between Asia Pacific countries. A two-stroke regional approach is emerging in digital marketing, where some countries are advancing with increased focus on analytics and competitive advantage leveraging big data, and others are struggling with limited budget and lack of skillset to implement analytics and reporting technology that will enable them to build a case for return on investment.

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Move over HK, Australia is the region's digital hub

Australia is on track to become a hub of digital marketing expertise for the Asia Pacific region, but a confidence crisis could kill the opportunity.

Liz Miller, chief marketing officer of the CMO Council, told B&T Australia is one of the most advanced countries in the region when it comes to digital marketing, with the skills and experiences necessary to become a regional centre of learning.

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Australia leads the region for digital marketing excellence

Australia is leading the region when it comes to embracing and utilising digital marketing, but more needs to be done to build multi-channel customer engagement excellence and skill sets across the industry.

These are the overarching findings of the second annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard Report, conducted by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. The research involved a six-month in-field program to benchmark levels of adoption, traction and success of digital marketing across Australia, China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and India and was based on responses from 276 senior marketers.

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Australia leads in digital marketing

Australia leads the Asia Pacific region in the adoption of digital marketing. With further investment and skills development, Australia could become a regional centre of expertise for digital marketing in the region, says a new report.

Adobe has released its second annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard Report in partnership with the CMO Council. It is based on a six-month in-field program comprising quantitative and qualitative surveys (registration required for download).

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Sumiko Asai

Tokyo-Manulife Life Insurance Company ("Manulife Japan"; President & CEO:Gavin Robinson)announced the appointment of Sumiko Asai as Vice President, Corporate Officer and Chief Marketing Officer ("CMO") effective November 11, 2013.

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August 2013

CMO Council Identifies Challenges and Best Practices in Cross-Border Marketing

Marketers across multiple industry segments discuss how their brands have overcome obstacles and achieved multi-geographical success in the latest issue of PeerSphere. 

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Bank of Ceylon, Awarded Asia’s Best Brand Award

Bank of Ceylon was awarded Asia’s Best Brand award 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India.

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June 2013

B2B Big Plays: Gimmicks, Google Blimps And Exceptional Corporate Speak

The CMO Council produced a study, “Better Lead Yield in the Content Marketing Field” from an online survey of 400 B2B buyers. 87% of them admitted that online content has either a major or moderate impact on vendor preference and selection.

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