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Dinner Dialogue: Replacing Assumption With Actionable Prediction: Avoiding the Pitfalls When Reaching and Engaging the SMB Market

Date: July 21, 2015 - August 27, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Please see below

Since the small and medium-size business (SMB) market is awash with opportunity, it is undeniable that making the case for creating a segmentation strategy to specifically address the small business owner is almost intoxicating. When the CMO Council asked what marketers felt their greatest challenge would be specific to addressing the SMB space, 35 percent pointed to verifying the lead and contact data of a quickly shifting SMB contact list while 30 percent felt their biggest challenge was gaining visibility into the buying and decision cycle of the SMB buyer. So the real question isn’t if the SMB market is rife with opportunity—it is how we can effectively reach and activate the market.


Please join the CMO Council’s executive roundtable, where the focus of our conversation will be around discussing the challenges that marketers are facing in reaching and effectively activating the SMB business marketplace.


During dinner, we will explore such questions as:


  • Where and how is the combination of data and software data being most effectively leveraged for a sustainable customer acquisition strategy when reaching and engaging with the SMB market, and is this working at scale?
  • What assumptions are being made about the behaviors, outlook and intentions of the ideal SMB buyer/specifier?
  • What data sources and actionable points of insight are critical to creating a unique SMB customer journey?
  • Can the SMB market be engaged with internal data alone?
  • What has emerged as the most significant roadblock to achieving true, predictive, intelligence-driven roadmaps to SMB engagement?


This series of dinners will be held at the following dates and locations:


July 21 – San Francisco

July 23 – Seattle

July 28 – Dallas

July 30 – Chicago

August 25 – New York

August 27 – Atlanta

To request an invitation:


- For San Francisco & Chicago: please contact Allison Wong at or 408.677.5262


- For Seattle: please contact Chris Martinez at or 408.677.5322


- For Dallas, New York & Atlanta: please contact Amandine Aubin at or 408.677.5264

Dinner Dialogue: Keeping Pace in the Customer’s Race: Is Marketing Agile Enough to Advance Digital Experience Demands?

Date: July 21, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: New York City, New York

For today’s digitally demanding customer, a rich, personalized customer experience is quite simply the cost of doing business. It is no longer a differentiator, but the standard. This leaves leading marketers to question where and how the next great evolution will happen…and whether their organizations are set up to leap ahead of the curve. In response, many organizations have turned to data storage solutions to help keep track of these changes, but this often leads to customer data being dispersed across multiple systems. Organizations now need business agility to leverage these insights from disparate sources of information to optimize the customer experience and capitalize on new opportunities ahead of their competitors.


At this interactive CMO Council executive roundtable dinner, we look to debate and discuss the state of the agile marketing organization and our ability to keep pace with the digitally demanding customer. We will be joined by Bill Borrelle, Pitney Bowes’ Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communications, along with Jeff Goldberg, Marketing Leader for Customer Information Management, who will share an expert perspective around “The Age of the Left Brain in Marketing:  A CMO Toolkit to Understand Everything About the Customer in the Digital Era.” 

During dinner, we will explore such questions as:


  • Can relevant stakeholders across sales, service and marketing leverage all of the data available to the organization?
  • Does the front line know everything there is to know about the customer?
  • What strategies, linkages and alignments will help make sales and marketing smarter?
  • How can marketing deliver tangible business value in weeks and have the agility needed to support long-term change at the speed of business?

Be our guest on Tuesday, July 21, as the CMO Council hosts a gathering of marketing peers and thought leaders. To request an invitation, please contact Virginia Tran at or 408.677.5332.

Webcast: Predicting Routes to Revenue IdentifyingReal-Time Decisions for Business-Driving Engagement

Date: July 23, 2015
Time: 10:00AM PT/1:00PM ET/5:00PM GMT
Location: To Register Please See Below

In 2007, the CMO Council embarked on a study to track how senior marketers were embracing the customer in real-time, personalized engagements—were we realizing the goal of “right message, right time, right channel” in our communications? At that time, 47 percent of marketing respondents felt they did not have a full view into the profitability of a customer, including access to customer lifetime value insights. Some 60 percent indicated that they planned on looking at personalization as a key route to maximizing customer revenue, and when asked what could hold back their plans, the majority indicated they did not have the analytics, insights or predictive technologies needed to effectively leverage data to personalize experiences.


Eight years later, many marketers feel they are in the same position, struggling to optimize the customer journey using real-time insights and intelligence that enable them to craft robust customer experiences where revenue (and not engagement metrics, like clicks or views) is the goal.


While marketers are still looking to power experiences with personalization and relevance, customers are in a very different space than in 2007. The expectations for service—from self-service to always-available personal or face-to-face service—continue to increase rapidly as customers are not willing to wait for answers or resolutions to issues. Our customers are also being offered new and often more compelling options from new contenders and disruptors…and even worse, despite years of loyalty building, customers are even more willing to leave the brand fold in favor of experiences and service options that can overshadow pricing and promotions. Customers are not just wanting to be known and heard; they are demanding it.


So how are leading marketers predicting where and how customers will react along their engagement journeys? Are there new, harder and more pointed questions that marketers must ask of their own customer experience strategies to better shift to the expectations of the customer? Are we too focused on campaign success while ignoring customer success? How do we know if the customer experience we have developed is actually aligning with the customer’s mindset, behavior and expectations? Have we really thought about the customer first?


To address some of these issues and better understand how real-time marketing decisions are directly impacting customer engagement in this age of “un-marketing,” the CMO Council, in partnership with Pegasystems, will present a strategic overview of how marketers are feeding the always-on marketing brain. Gone are the strategies that simply look to maximize campaign engagements as they are being replaced by customer journeys that traverse acquisition, retention and advocacy to maximize customer lifetime value.



- Liz Miller, SVP Marketing- CMO Council

- Rob Walker, PhD, Vice President of Decision Management - Pegasystems

For more information, contact Amandine Aubin at


To register, please click here: 

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