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Big Data's Biggest Role, Aligning the CMO & CIO: Greater Partnership Drives Enterprise-Wide Customer Centricity

Aligning the CMO + CIO to Drive Customer Insight, Intimacy and Engagement

Technology and customer data access have become the essential enablers of marketing effectiveness, creating more adaptive, intelligent marketing organizations and more responsive, customer experience-centered corporate cultures. Today’s savvy CEO is seeing the critical need to better align, leverage and mesh IT groups, database repositories and digital infrastructures with marketing functions and assets worldwide.

Owning customer insight has become the new mission and mandate of the CIO (in effect, the Chief Insight Officer) as they strive to integrate and extract value from disparate data sources inside and outside the organization. Employing digital marketing platforms, advanced analytics and predictive modeling, CIOs are helping marketers better target and access market segments; improve response, retention and revenue streams; as well as deliver more required and desired products and service experiences. New social network, mobile media and Internet content delivery channels are becoming key determinants of customer voice, affinity and advocacy, requiring new strategies, talents and resources in both marketing and IT organizations.

As leading change agents, the CMO and CIO have to be tightly coupled in the journey to optimize customer lifetime value through more personal, timely, targeted and engaging interactions with diverse audiences. The ultimate objective is “customer relevance,” a state of being that makes brands robust, resilient and highly valued in the market.

Quantify How Well You Unify

The CMO Council partnered with Tealium to lead a targeted outreach effort to engage its members in qualitative and quantitative conversations around the economics and benefits of unifying marketing technologies and data. These findings resulted in a credible body of knowledge that amplify t ...   Report Details


Big Data's Biggest Role, Aligning the CMO & CIO: Greater Partnership Drives Enterprise-Wide Customer Centricity

Discussions about the dynamic between chief marketing officer and chief information officer have often centered around the technologies being implemented in this age of digital engagement. However, as organizations realize the importance of delivering on a more customer-centric overall business s...   Report Details


Richard Smith, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, AIG Bank

Jeff Palm, CIO, Allianz Life Insurance

Nancy Jones, CMO, Allianz Life Insurance

Patrick Blair, Chief Marketing Officer, Amerigroup

TJ Graven, CIO, Brown-Forman

Paul Kadin, EVP, Customer Strategy - Consumer Banking, Citi

Jeff Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Colonial Life Insurance

Tracy Nolan, SVP & CIO, Commercial Metals Company

Larry Godec, SVP & CIO, First American Financial 

Deborah Colby, VP of Marketing, First Tech Federal Credit Union 

Nicholas Caffentzis, GM Strategic Alliances, GE Heathcare IT 

Stuart Foster, VP of Marketing, Hilton Worldwide  

Ian Arthur, Chief Marketing Officer, Intrawest

Haden Land, CTO/VP IT, Lockheed Martin

Lanet McCrary, VP of Marketing, Magnolia Federal Credit Union

Adriana Eiriz, Chief Marketing Officer, Nexxo Financial Corporation

Robert Solomon, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts

Karen Larrimer, Chief Marketing Officer, PNC Financial Services 

Jane Stackpole, Head of Market Strategy, Silicon Valley Bank

Bruce Schachne, VP, Head of Marketing, Standard & Poor’s New York

Michael Babikian, Chief Marketing Officer, Transamerica Insurance & Investment 

Robin Korman, SVP, Loyalty Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Wyndham Hotels Group 

Research Objective: Provide education, insights and actionable guidance on how to make “customer-centricity” the centerpiece of the CMO-CIO relationship.

  • Understand the definitions of “customer-centricity” from CMO and CIO viewpoints? Areas for alignment and collaboration?
  • Garner expectations and requirements of the CMO and CIO of delivering on customer-centric engagements.
  • Surface insights on key success metrics, processes, technologies, etc. that align the CMO-CIO.
  • Explore the role of customer insight/analytics/customer intelligence from both the CMO and CIO perspectives.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities that prevent or enable the road to “customer-centricity

Big Data's Biggest Role, Aligning the CMO & CIO
Featured Speaker:

Wilson Raj, Global Customer Intelligence Director (SAS); Liz Miller, VP of Marketing Programs & Operations (CMO Council)

According to the CMO Council’s latest study, titled “Big Data’s Biggest Role,” both marketing and IT both believe that customer centricity must start with a corporate culture that focuses all strategies and programs around the needs of the customer. It is clear that both CMO and CIO see data – or more specifically big data’s role in delivering deep insights, understanding and intelligence about customers, markets and operational efficiencies – as critical to success. Yet, more often than not, marketing and IT are pitted against one another, struggling to partner on priority projects. As brands look to optimize customer lifetime value through more personal timely, targeted and engaging interactions, customer data will bind together the CMO and CIO.

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When CMOs and CIOs were asked to rate the importance of digital marketing to the organization, both agreed (40 percent marketing; 38 percent IT) that technology now underpins and shapes the entire customer experience. CMO Council

The vast majority of marketers see the CMO as a primary leader (69 percent) and only rarely consider the CIO and IT department (19 percent) important to defining digital marketing strategy. IT executives, on the other hand, most often point to themselves (58 percent) as the true champions of digital marketing, although they do frequently cite the CMO (51 percent) as well. CMO Council

Only 27 percent of marketers, and an equal number of IT executives, agree with the statement “we know what we need to know about customer’s usage of our digital channels.” CMO Council

Technology ranks as the No. 1 area in which they [CMOs] see the greatest opportunity to improve. Forrester & Heidrick & Struggles

Around 38 percent of CIO respondents said that they lack support from other executives, especially in companies with revenues of over US$1 billion. Ernst & Young

IT leaders give their relationship with marketing weak marks (29%) than for any other business area. InformationWeek

Only 17 percent of CIOs are counted among the top management group, and just 43 percent of people in that role are involved in executive decision making. Ernst & Young

60 percent of CIOs think that they add strong value to their companies, only 35 percent of their executive peers agree. Ernst & Young

By 2017 the CMO will Spend More on IT Than the CIO. Gartner

Although just 10% of CIO respondents consider social media essential, 41% said it will be, in the future. InformationWeek

According to a recent survey, only 2% of companies have a fully integrated approach to service management; more than 75% are not integrated at all or only partially integrated.

A study, which included 400 North American IT decision makers—from those that owned the budgets to those that made the final purchase decisions—found that 73% have engaged with IT vendors on a social network. Moreover, 59% of IT decision makers “rely” on the social networks for purchasing decisions, whereas 46% use online periodicals. Direct Marketing

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