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March 2014

Corporate Drag ‘Hamstrings Customer-Centric Marketing’

Marketers' efforts to make companies in Asia Pacific, including Australia, more customer-centric are being held back by operational gaps, laggard systems and minimal resources, according to a new report by the CMO Council.

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Who Owns the Responsibility of Customer Experience?

Ownership of customer experience is fragmented across businesses and as result only 23% of marketers have a complete view of interactions across all stages of the customer lifecycle.

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Marketers Know Customer-Service is Lacking in APAC: CMO Council

Asia-Pacific – A New CMO Council study reveals that only 26 per cent of marketers believe their back-office systems and structures enable their companies to live up to brand promises and marketing claims.

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Asia-Pacific Marketers Admit They Lack Formal Customer Engagement Strategies

CMO Council report finds regional marketers lack the back-office systems, operational structures and formal customer experience management strategies to meet their brand objectives.

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APAC Marketers Seek Greater Role in Customer Experience

Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) companies may want to take heed of the famous quote by American actress Mae West—"An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises"—particularly as it relates to delivering on brand promises made to Asia's 4.3 billion consumers.

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August 2013

CMO Council Identifies Challenges and Best Practices in Cross-Border Marketing

Marketers across multiple industry segments discuss how their brands have overcome obstacles and achieved multi-geographical success in the latest issue of PeerSphere. 

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Bank of Ceylon, Awarded Asia’s Best Brand Award

Bank of Ceylon was awarded Asia’s Best Brand award 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India.

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June 2013

CMO Study Shows Gaps In Content Strategy & Measurement

pending on content is on the rise, but the impact of that spend is still uncertain, according to a new study from the CMO Council. Although 25% of companies are spending their marketing budgets on content creation, there are still a significant number of them that lack the necessary strategies, competencies and best practices to effectively engage their markets, according the study.

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B-to-B Marketers Must Improve Relevance And Performance Of Digital Content

A new Content ROI study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and NetLine reveals that business buyers give vendors poor marks for the value and trustworthiness of their online content, rating content produced by professional organizations and industry groups as more usable and relevant.

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April 2013

Big Data Encourages Collaboration Between Marketing And IT

CMOs and CIOs believe Big Data offers an opportunity to build a bridge between the two disparate departments in an effort to enhance enterprise wide customer centricity.

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March 2013

CMO Council Teams With NetLine For Content Syndication

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, the leading global community for strategic marketing decision makers, today announced an extended content syndication service powered by NetLine, the top BtoB multi-channel advertising network that includes more than 15,000 website properties, reaching a monthly audience of 75 million unique visitors.

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What Makes Marketers Happy

According to the CMO Council’s sixth annual State of Marketing audit, CMOs are now overwhelmingly positive about their roles and functional areas, with more than 50 percent reporting budget increases and nearly half anticipating hiring new talent.

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No Free Rides

Market analysts say that telecom companies are taking a short term view by demanding revenue share from the over the top players. A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council report reveals that some 44 per cent of telco marketers who participated in the CMO Council's "Profitability From Subscriber Acuity" study during the second to fourth quarters of 2012 are actively exploring OTT partnerships and revenue-sharing opportunities.

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5 Ways To Start Transforming Your Customer Demand Generation Process

It looks like 2013 could be “The Year of the Marketer,” according to the CMO Council. Their recent “State of Marketing Audit” results revealed that CMOs are reporting a strongly positive outlook on the role of marketing in 2013.

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February 2013

Rethinking Your Operational Blueprint

According to the CMO Council's “State of Marketing 2012” report, “organizational culture and senior management mindset both were highlighted as key sources of aggravation for marketers” and 30 percent of those surveyed indicate that internal dynamics can be a key source of friction within their organizations. These types of organizational issues don’t just resolve themselves, and ultimately impact marketers' bottom line and ability to achieve profitable growth.

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Where Marketing Execs Are Spending All Those Tech Dollars

Why is marketing so invested in technology? Because today, marketers must lead with data and insight -- and that is completely technology-driven, says Liz Miller, vice president of marketing programs and operations at the CMO Council, a worldwide network of marketing decision makers.

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Mobile Great For Client Relation Management

A study titled “Engage at every stage “ and sponsored by the CMO council, a body dedicated to high level marketing information exchange explains that the key to successful mobile will be in using the mobile phone as remote control to manage consumer relationships.

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January 2013

Telco Marketers Court OTT Players

Communications service providers are learning that when it comes to over-the-top services, they can't beat the big names like Facebook, Skype, and Google, so they have to find out how to join them. This was the biggest attitude shift observed in the CMO Council's latest survey of 222 marketers in the telecom field, including wireline and wireless operators, Internet service providers, fiber optics network operators, and cable and satellite companies. It also conducted in-depth interviews with big players like AT&T, Bell Canada, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, and Vodafone.

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5 Ways Business Still Fails The IT Organization

Marketing, you see, doesn't think it has a technology problem, and if it does, it doesn't see the IT organization as the fix. In its excellent State of Marketing 2012 report, the CMO Council asked marketers about the organizational or operational changes they plan for this year. Just 10% cited "improve alignment and collaboration with IT."

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LivingSocial CMO Showcases Diverse Career Path Needed For Today's Leaders

As his career path and his new role demonstrate, CMOs today must broaden their expertise well beyond traditional marketing by developing the coveted technology and social-media skills that translate into digital connectivity to enhance customer understanding and customer experience. According to the CMO Council's recent "State of Marketing report," nearly two-thirds (63%) of senior marketers are looking to solidify their social-media strategy in 2013, yet only 18% feel that they have the skills, talent and budget to fully exploit the potential of digital customer engagement.

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