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In terms of mobile usage, Latin America is well ahead of the world average, having reached an estimated 115% mobile penetration at end-2012 against a global rate of around 96%.

(March 2014)

The region is well ahead of the world average, having reached an estimated 115% mobile penetration at end-2012 against a global rate of around 96%.

(October 2013)

Mobile commerce or m-commerce will grow by 35% in Latin America through 2015.

(March 2013)

The Latin American mobile market will grow by 7% in 2013 to reach 742 million subscriptions for mobile service and smartphones will account for 46% of mobile phone sales in Latin America in 2013.

(March 2013)

In 2017 Argentina will have 37 million mobile Internet users.

(March 2013)

44% of Brazilians click on mobile advertising that is geotargeted and 31% say they will reveal personal information in order to receive customized advertising.

(March 2013)

Research firm IDC projects that in 2013 Mexicans will buy 16 million smartphones and more than 2 million tablets.

(March 2013)

49% of Mexican mobile users who receive ads on their devices, 88% report seeing them but much smaller percentages report interacting with these ads, such as by clicking on them (8%), registering (5%) or purchasing through them (3%).

(October 2012)

65% of Mexican mobile device users say they would like to receive ads on their devices in exchange for some type of benefit.

(October 2012)

Brazil has over 260 million active mobile telephony connections and a mobile penetration of over 130%

(September 2012) 10

According to research presented by Teleco, 71% of Brazilians said they would use their mobile phones instead of credit or debit cards, while 66% would check their balance and undertake transactions.

(September 2012)

[In Brazil], [m]obile penetration is expected to reach 140% in 2012 compared to fixed-line penetration of 22%, placing mobile as the key provider of all types of telecommunications services to the majority of consumers.

(September 2012) 12

But the key stat in relation to mobile is that Latin America households with Internet access number only 29%, according to ITU.

(September 2012)

Some other examples, according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU):      Brazil: 251 million mobile phones, 203 million people  ;   Colombia: 45 million phones, 43 million people  ;   Argentina: 57 million phones, 42 million people   ;  Chile: 22 million phones, 17 million people    ; Venezuela: 29 million phones, 28 million people  

(September 2012) 14

By the end of last year, 20 countries in Latin America had more mobile subscriptions than total inhabitants and 20 countries accounted for 98% of all mobile subscriptions.

(September 2012)

Mobile penetration in Latin America is relatively high, exceeding 107% of the population -- although markets differ, with Panama's mobile penetration at 204%, as one example.

(September 2012) 16

Mobile. In a country like Brazil, where smartphones are less than 20 percent, the optimized mix might be closer to 5 percent of mobile marketing.

(August 2012)

In May 2012 Brazil had 255 million active mobile phone lines and 129 mobile lines per 100 inhabitants.

(July 2012) 18

In the same period, the penetration rates in Chile, Argentina and Brazil were 139%, 135% and 123%, respectively. The same study found that the postpaid mobile penetration rate of 14% in Mexico also trailed that of Chile (29%), Argentina (29%) and Brazil (20%).

(May 2012)

According to data from Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones (COFETEL), there were 94.6 million mobile connections in Mexico in Q4 2011. And 42.6 million of them were in just four states plus the Federal District, representing nearly half of all mobile connections in the country.

(May 2012) 20
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