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01.22.14 - Big Business Sees Big Value In Small Business But Struggles To Understand, Segment And Engage With America's $5 Trillion Smb Market New CMO Council Survey of Large Enterprise Marketers Reveals More Brand Spending on SMB Customers but Deficiencies in Data, Insights and Campaign Effectiveness    More »
11.14.13 - Enterprises Get Failing Grades In CMO Council Scorecard Of Customer Sales Intelligence New Marketer Survey Reveals Major Deficiencies in Real-Time Customer Information Provisioning; Automated Mining of Big Data Lacking in Most B2B Organizations   More »
08.27.13 - CMO Council Identifies Challenges And Best Practices In Cross-border Marketing Marketers Across Multiple Industry Segments Discuss How Their Brands Have Overcome Obstacles and Achieved Multi-Geographical Success in Latest Issue of PeerSphere    More »
06.03.13 - B2b Marketers Must Improve Relevance And Performance Of Digital Content, Notes New CMO Council Study Business Buyers Rate Vendor Content Poorly in Value and Trustworthiness; Survey Reveals High Incidence of Digital Content Sharing and Great Buyer Dependence on Online Content Sourcing   More »
05.09.13 - CMO Council Partners With Funmobility To Launch First Ever CMO Council Global Mobile Marketing News App New Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices Delivers CMO Council News, Events and Content to On-the-Move Chief Marketing Officers   More »
06.12.14 - What Does The B2b Sales And Marketing Relationship Look Like

Collaboration. Alignment. Synergy. Call it what you want, but creating and selling a brand story in the digital age has raised the…   More

06.02.14 - Technology: Not Just For It

According to the experts, the amount per day spent on digital, social and mobile channels by consumers is driving the need for marketers…   More

06.01.14 - Toyota Taps Vine To Highlight Children’s Imaginations And Its Own Innovativeness

Toyota tries to boost its positioning as an innovative brand with a Vine campaign that showcases the artwork of children from…   More

05.30.14 - Apple's History Offers Insight Into CMO-cio Relationship

How Apple's changing IT and marketing dynamic is a reflection of the evolving partnership between CMO and CIO

05.28.14 - Chasing The Digital Trailblazers: Automotive Marketing And The ‘new Normal’

There is a contradiction at the heart of automotive marketing. As strange as it may seem, in an industry as embracing of technology as the…   More

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