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July 2014

Salary Survey Shows CMO Compensation is Tied to C-Suite Alliances

Nearly Half of Chief Marketers Say They Are Not Being Fairly Compensated

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June 2014

What Does the B2B Sales and Marketing Relationship Look Like

Collaboration. Alignment. Synergy. Call it what you want, but creating and selling a brand story in the digital age has raised the relationship bar between marketing and sales departments. Embracing that new level of teamwork, particularly among B2B organizations, is a work in progress. 

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Technology: Not Just for IT

According to the experts, the amount per day spent on digital, social and mobile channels by consumers is driving the need for marketers to leverage technologies in new ways. In fact, companies like Sales Force, for example, are already ahead of this trend. They are able to sell directly to marketers and, in some instances, circumvent IT.

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Toyota taps Vine to highlight children’s imaginations and its own innovativeness

Toyota tries to boost its positioning as an innovative brand with a Vine campaign that showcases the artwork of children from around the globe addressing the topic of futuristic transportation.

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May 2014

Apple's History Offers Insight Into CMO-CIO Relationship

How Apple's changing IT and marketing dynamic is a reflection of the evolving partnership between CMO and CIO

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Chasing the Digital Trailblazers: Automotive Marketing and the ‘New Normal’

There is a contradiction at the heart of automotive marketing. As strange as it may seem, in an industry as embracing of technology as the car industry, many now accept that car makers have on the whole failed to adapt to the new social media environment as adeptly as other industries. Compared to other sectors the car industry is still miles behind when it comes to integrating sales processes into social media marketing strategies.

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Big Data Success, or Big Disappointments?

In this post, “Big Data, or Big Disappointment?,” you can learn:

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Marketing Leaders Not Buying Into Procurement Policies

Research from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s upcoming “State of Marketing” report reveals that most CMOs are building greater alignment with executives in finance, IT and sales, but only 15 percent are actively forging relationships with heads of procurement. As a result, marketers lack the strategic sourcing capabilities and insights needed to minimize risk and gain maximum value from their partnerships and investments.

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PeerSphere, Volume 3, Issue2

The latest issue of PeerSphere is now available. Among the articles aimed at global marketing leaders:

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April 2014

FierceCMO Reveals List of “Women to Watch” in B2B Marketing

Marketing Leaders Honored for Impact on the Industry

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11 compelling mobile stats every retailer should pay attention to

Whether you're operating on an e-commerce platform, in a store or both, you will improve your retail business when you pay attention to key facts and stats about online shopping. The thing is, today's customer rarely walks into a store and makes a purchase without first researching, comparison-shopping, and/or looking at the store's website — and all of these things affect the way he or she shops. So to set you up with a greater understanding of your customers and how they are buying, here is a comprehensive list of some mobile behaviors every retailer needs to know.

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Research Corner: Not all B2B buyers use the same kind of content in the same way for purchase decision-making

There is no content "magic bullet" for B2B buyers, according to a new study released by the CMO Council.

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March 2014

Business Buyers Relying More On 3rd Party Content

New content marketing research by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council reveals insight-hungry business buyers are increasingly reliant on trusted third-party information to make more educated decisions.

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The Six Kinds of B2B Content Consumers

Everybody's a publisher. It's a phrase commonly uttered in digital circles, a mantra for the dawn of content marketing. But the truth is, that while everybody publishes stuff, everybody is not a publisher if you define the word as an entity puts out content that is both credible and that people actually want to consume.

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Stop Random Acts of Content Marketing

Content consumption drives decisions, so marketers must leverage such material across the entire customer journey to build awareness, generate sales, and cultivate long-term relationships.

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September 2013

Mobile Internet Is Key to Connectivity in Latin America

4G Americas announced today the publication of Internet Access and Mobile Networks in Latin America: Technical Characteristics to Consider in Quality of Service (QoS), which explains different variables and challenges constantly faced by mobile networks and the complexity to deliver a uniform network where certain parameters such as data rates or steady internet services access may be homogenized, all of which affect end user perception and experience.

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August 2013

CMO Council Identifies Challenges and Best Practices in Cross-Border Marketing

Marketers across multiple industry segments discuss how their brands have overcome obstacles and achieved multi-geographical success in the latest issue of PeerSphere. 

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March 2013

CMO Council Teams With NetLine For Content Syndication

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, the leading global community for strategic marketing decision makers, today announced an extended content syndication service powered by NetLine, the top BtoB multi-channel advertising network that includes more than 15,000 website properties, reaching a monthly audience of 75 million unique visitors.

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What Makes Marketers Happy

According to the CMO Council’s sixth annual State of Marketing audit, CMOs are now overwhelmingly positive about their roles and functional areas, with more than 50 percent reporting budget increases and nearly half anticipating hiring new talent.

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No Free Rides

Market analysts say that telecom companies are taking a short term view by demanding revenue share from the over the top players. A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council report reveals that some 44 per cent of telco marketers who participated in the CMO Council's "Profitability From Subscriber Acuity" study during the second to fourth quarters of 2012 are actively exploring OTT partnerships and revenue-sharing opportunities.

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