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78% of Facebook users are mobile-only.

(February 2015)

64% of decision-makers read their e-mail via mobile devices.

(February 2015) 2

44% of consumers say that they would like brands to deliver deals and coupons to their mobile devices.

(January 2015)

The majority of consumers are of the opinion that mobile-optimized sites run faster than non-mobile-optimized sites.

(January 2015) 4

Mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall ecommerce revenues by the end of 2017.

(January 2015)

North America continues to drive the lion’s share of the mobile Internet ad spend growing from 18.8% in 2013 to 49.1% in 2017.

(December 2014) 6

In 2013, 62% of emails were opened on a mobile device (48% on smartphones and 14% on tablets).

(December 2014)

78% of smartphone users access a retail site via a mobile app. These people want on-the-go, targeted information with minimal data use that a mobile app provides. 44% of tablet users accessed a retail site via a mobile app.

(December 2014) 8

According to CNN, “Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet (in January 2014) — the first time that has ever happened.”

(November 2014)

Currently, about half of B2B vendors sell through mobile (including stores and applications), while 3 in 4 respondents plan to offer mobile commerce by the end of 2014.

(November 2014) 10

By 2017, mobile devices will make up 87 percent of the total sales of Internet-enabled technology.

(April 2014)

Globally, mobile ad spend jumped by 105% in 2013 and is predicted to climb another 75% this year for a total of $31.5 billion.

(April 2014) 12

Consumers are not going on desktop to share brand messages, rather they are going to mobile devices. Flurry’s most recent study shows 86% of mobile usage is within apps.

(April 2014)

[In Brazil], [m]obile penetration is expected to reach 140% in 2012 compared to fixed-line penetration of 22%, placing mobile as the key provider of all types of telecommunications services to the majority of consumers.

(September 2012) 14

Those mobile phone users reported storing large amounts of data on their phones that they consider private, including contact information (82% of users), text messages (78%), photos and videos (75%), and voicemail messages (74%). They appeared especially cautious about passwords, and just 27% store passwords for websites and apps.

(September 2012)

Location tracking may be key to targeted marketing, but mobile phone users treat location as a privacy concern. 19% of mobile phone owners have turned off the location tracking feature because they were concerned that other individuals or companies could access that information. That figure rises among smartphone owners, 30% of whom have turned off location tracking.

(September 2012) 16

Another common security measure, as revealed in a July 2012 UC Berkeley study, is simply holding a mobile phone “close to the vest.” 9 in 10 respondents reported they would definitely not allow a stranger to borrow their mobile phones, and only half said definitely would allow a spouse or other close family member to borrow their phones.

(September 2012)

Consumer Services and Financial Industries See Highest Mobile Email Opens Rates: The Consumer Services and Financial industries saw the highest mobile open rates, 42.17 percent and 40.13 percent respectively.

(September 2012) 18

Mobile Email Opens Climb to 36 Percent: The number of emails opened on a mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) during the first half of 2012 overall rose to 36 percent. This is a 32 percent increase over the former mobile email open rate of 27 percent from the second half of 2011. Data shows the steady, strong increase in mobile open rates continues, which underscores the importance of having a mobile-first mindset.

(September 2012)

“Mobile Tipping Point” is Quickly Approaching: With the overall share of mobile email opens now at 36 percent across all industries, the share of mobile email opens is on track to exceed 50 percent for most brands within the next six to 12 months. Some are already there. Knotice refers to this as the “mobile tipping point.” Email and mobile marketers need to begin planning for a point in time when mobile users will be the majority audience.

(September 2012) 20
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