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September 2014

Australia a Leader in Digital Marketing

New research shows Australia is a world leader in the adoption of digital marketing, but that skill shortages and budget constraints have slowed advanced implementation.

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Australia a Skills Hub in Digital Marketing

Australia's marketers are pulling away from other Asia Pacific markets, including Singapore and India, when it comes to the practice of digital marketing, positioning it as a key global marketing centre of excellence.

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CMO Council: CMO/CIO Friction Inhibiting Digital Marketing Innovation

Latest CMO Council/Adobe Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard results find Australia leading the Asia-Pacific for digital marketing excellence, but data utilisation, skills and poor IT/marketing alignment remain a challenge

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Dramatic Increase in Stakeholder Support For Digital, But Skill Shortages Remain: Study

Skill shortages and budget constraints have stalled more advanced digital marketing implementations in Asia-Pacific, but stakeholder support for increased digital spend has grown dramatically.

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Digital Marketers Using Data in ‘rear view mirror’ and Failing to Keep Track of Customers

A lack of skills, a failure to track consumers and using data in a retrospective rather than forward-thinking way is holding back Australia’s digital marketing industry, according to an ongoing study.

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Australia Leads Asia Pacific in Digital Marketing: CMO Council

Latest survey finds skill levels for marketers have stalled across Asia Pacific.

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INside the Boardroom US: Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director, CMO Council

The old mantra “You Can’t Go It Alone” has never been so true in business. Mostly gone are the vertically integrated corporate giants who once lumbered across the planet and controlled global markets.

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August 2014

CMO Council: Chief Marketer confidence at all-time high

The global marketing economy is robust and picking up pace, according to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council's eighth 'State of Marketing' report, just released.

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Can Marketers Be Hot On Social But Not Mobile?

The mobile banner has long been a subject of scorn, annoying users by crowding the smartphone screen and frustrating advertisers with their creative limitations.

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Using Data, Personalization To Improve Call Center Customer Service

The two trends driving the partnership between Whitepages Pro, the company's directory enterprise division, and Twilio announced this week center on better customer satisfaction and personalized experiences.

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Study: 81% of CMOs are Confident They’ll Meet Revenue Goals

CMO Council Report Finds 54% of Marketers Plan to Boost Budgets This Year

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CMOs Feel Like A Trusted Member Of The C-Suite: Report

Chief marketers are feeling a high degree of confidence about meeting their business goals: According to the CMO Council’s eighth annual "State Of Marketing 2014" report, 81 percent of CMOs said they believe their mandates for top-line revenue growth and market share are both realistic and attainable in the next 12 months.

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CMO Council’s new state of marketing report shows CMO confident in c-level role, revenue targets

Yet many marketing leaders are still battling with data and customer analytics as well as digital marketing transformation

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What CMOs Have – and What They Want

An study of chief marketing officers today revealed some interesting contrasts between their optimism and their realities.

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For CMOs, A Tale of Two Situations

A survey of 525 chief marketers finds them voyaging between digital discovery and digital deliverance, riding out turbulent trends to positions of newfound respect.

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81% of CMOs confident about reaching this year’s goals, survey says

The realm of marketing is looking like a hopeful place, with chief marketing officers (CMOs) from around the world saying they’re confident they can reach their business goals this year, according to a new report from the CMO Council.

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Marketers’ Mandates and Strategy Influencers

Marketers are enjoying “greater elevation and influence in the executive suite,” says the CMO Council in its annual “State of Marketing” report [download page]. Indeed, only 1 in 5 feel that the role of the CMO doesn’t carry the same level of respect as other C-level executives, and more than two-thirds feel that the CMO is either a trusted member of the C-suite’s “inner circle” or a part of the leadership discussion. So what does senior management want from marketing leaders – and what will marketers rely on to make their decisions?

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The State of Chief Marketers in 2014

Chief marketers are optimistic about the current business environment; they also believe they can achieve senior management's goals this year, according to a recent report from the CMO Council.

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Marketer enthusiasm for mobile slowing

Marketers’ enthusiasm for mobile is slowing as brands struggle to prove it is an effective way to brand and generate demand, according to a global survey of CMOs.

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