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August 2015

arketers Struggle to unify Content and Commerce

CMO Council Study Audits Variance in Digital Experience Among Global Brands; Only 21 Percent of Marketers Say They Are Very Good at Captivating and Engaging Audiences

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Some Marketers Still Struggling to Evolve

A new report from the CMO Council shows that while the benefits are clear, digital engagement could still be better.

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Marketers struggle to provide an enriching and engaging experience

Recent study reveals marketers still struggle to effectively unify content and commerce

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CMOs Lag in Creating Campaigns That Engage Global Audience

One of the big challenges for global brands is to reach out to varied audience through their digital campaigns.

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Marketers failing to connect content and commerce

The CMO Council study, based on input from 287 global senior marketers, revealed the degree to which marketers are embracing new digital channels and content management technologies to increase the value of customer engagements.

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How The Big Shift To Digital And Data Marketing Is Getting Agencies Fired

When consumer packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble sneezes the marketing world catches a cold. That’s because, as the world’s biggest media spender, this P&G is the bellwether for client-agency relationships, and other marketers tend to follow suit.

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July 2015

CMOs Want Better Data Expertise

With all of the customer information now available to them, chief marketing officers feel they’re not getting the analysis and execution expertise they need from their current agencies.

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Compelling thought leadership content needed to drive sales lead

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council has launched a new study centred on how marketing can effectively generate more qualified sales leads through compelling thought leadership content, a task that has proven to be a struggle for marketers today.

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More Than Half of Marketers Say Their Demand Generation Strategies Don’t Measure Up

More Than Half of Marketers Say Their Demand Generation Strategies Don’t Measure Up and Are Less Than Effective, Reveals New CMO Council Study

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Content Driven Lead Performance Lacking

The latest report released by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council centers on how marketing can more effectively generate qualified sales leads through compelling thought leadership content—a task that has proven to be a struggle for marketers today.

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Most Companies Give Failing Grades To Quality Of Sales Lead Delivery

More Than Half of Marketers Say Their Demand Generation Strategies Don't Measure Up and Are Less Than Effective, Reveals New CMO Council Study; Lack of Consensus on What Is Really a Valued Lead

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Report: Most companies can better leverage content marketing

CMO Council study confirms businesses aren’t doing enough to effectively generate sales leads through compelling thought leadership content

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30% Marketers Will Spend 29% – 49% of Marketing Budget on Digital

Digital spending has always been an area of debate in almost every single company worldwide. The prominence of digital world, thanks to social media and the internet is a key factor.

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Opportunity in MENA Digital Advertising

Internet advertising is the second largest method of advertising in the world, but MENA is yet to catch up.

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Marketing Nirvana: Engaging With an Audience of One

Long before Nirvana was a band, it was simply a state of bliss or pure happiness – an idyllic place to take one’s mind. What would that look like for a marketing leader

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From Remnant To Riches: What The Quest For Premium Inventory Means For The Industry

The recent flurry of ad-tech acquisition deals clearly demonstrates that the industry is shifting its focus to developing solutions that support premium inventory.

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Attracting Millennials Starts With Digital Tech

A recent survey on corporate branding suggests marketing leaders are missing the boat by failing to embrace digital technologies in their efforts to attract millennial workers.

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June 2015

A Social Media Platform For Business That Will Profoundly Transform Branding

A new study from the CMO Council, entitled “Making The Workplace A Brand-Defining Space,” suggests that there is a disconnect between our brands’ personalities and the degree to which our employees embody those brand personalities. But a new social media service for business called CultureSphere aims to change all that, and may just put the old “company meeting” to shame.

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Report: Companies lag behind on organisational branding, social employee engagement

New report reveals chief marketers and HR need to revisit the importance of organisational branding and recruitment marketing

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CMO Council Study Outlines How Engagement Shapes Corporate Culture And Brand

Most businesses—almost 90 percent—understand that their brand “persona” is an important part of their recruitment and marketing goals, according to a new report, “Making the Workplace a Brand-Defining Space,” from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and human resources firm Executive Networks.

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