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November 2013

Australia leads in digital marketing

Australia leads the Asia Pacific region in the adoption of digital marketing. With further investment and skills development, Australia could become a regional centre of expertise for digital marketing in the region, says a new report.

Adobe has released its second annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard Report in partnership with the CMO Council. It is based on a six-month in-field program comprising quantitative and qualitative surveys (registration required for download).

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Study: Sales teams lack customer insight, real-time marketing

Sales teams suffer from a deficiency of real-time customer insight, a shortcoming that hampers sales, according to a report by the Chief Marketing Officer Council. According to “The Customer Sales Intelligence Scorecard,” 79% of marketers responding said they are not satisfied with the current levels of closure and conversion of customer opportunities.

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B2B Marketers Unsatisfied with Conversation Rates: CMO Council

Almost 80% of B2B marketers aren’t satisfied with their current levels of customer conversions, according to a new report from the CMO Council.The problems stem from the fact marketers aren’t properly utilizing their real-time customer information, or effectively automating the mining of big data.

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Marketers Get An “F” For Sales Enablement

The fundamental friction between sales and marketing is alive and well: A new study of senior marketing executives by the CMO Council issued marketing failing grades in a number of areas related to customer information systems and the delivery of real-time, account-specific insights that could boost sales performance, value, and productivity.

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B2B CMOs Under-invest in Technology That Will Get Them Closer to Customers

An overwhelming majority of senior B2B marketing executives, 79%, admit that they fail to deliver updated news and insights about accounts and prospects to their sales organizations. That may be one of the reasons that only 14% of these decision-makers say they're satisfied with the size of their pipelines and amount of business closed.

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B2B Enterprises Falling Short in Front-Line Sales Enablement

B2B enterprises are failing to provide adequate support to their front-line sales forces, finds the CMO Council in an audit of 230 senior senior marketing executives conducted in Q3. One of the biggest deficiencies pertains to real-time delivery of sales intelligence and breaking news, with fewer than 1 in 10 definitively agreeing that their current customer information system acquires and delivers real-time account-related news, social insights and customer-related developments to the sales organization.

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Big Data Overload? B2B Marketers Get An “F” For Real-Time Info Delivery

A new study has revealed that real-time marketers might not be so good at the whole real-time thing, after all. In fact, the CMO Council study gives "Real-Time Delivery of Sales Intelligence and Breaking News" a big, fat "F" for a grade. And it's not even close to "D" range.

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B2B Marketers Unsatisfied With Conversion Rates: CMO Council

Almost 80% of B2B marketers aren’t satisfied with their current levels of customer conversions, according to a new report from the CMO Council. The problems stem from the fact marketers aren’t properly utilizing their real-time customer information, or effectively automating the mining of big data

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Big Data Deficiencies Earn Failing Grades for Enterprises

Marketers readily believe that Big Data is a key enabler of personalization. However, according to a recent report conducted by the CMO Council, personalization of interactions is only happening at the marketing campaign level with email, direct mail, the Web, and social media engagements. In fact, some 65 percent say frontline resources do not have access to social media intelligence to leverage in personalized outreach. 

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August 2013

CMO Council Identifies Challenges and Best Practices in Cross-Border Marketing

Marketers across multiple industry segments discuss how their brands have overcome obstacles and achieved multi-geographical success in the latest issue of PeerSphere. 

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Back-to-School Marketers: Take Advantage Of First-Party Data

 According to a first-quarter survey from the CMO Council and SAS, 52% of marketers believe that data helped identify new business opportunities.

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Marketers Increase Emphasis On Social, Mobile, Video

 The study, conducted by research firm CMO Council, found that 70% of brand marketers plan to use more social media in their promotional efforts this year, while 69% cite mobile and 64% name video as areas that they plan to increase this year.

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3 Best Practices for Content Marketing

To meet marketers' growing need to deliver content to customers and prospects, The CMO Council, along with NetLine, last week launched the Content ROI Center, an online resource dedicated to helping marketing organizations improve the performance and return of their growing investments in content origination, multichannel formatting, targeting, and delivery across the entire customer lifecycle.

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6 Best Practices for Opportunity Management

A study by the CMO Council on the topic of marketing and sales alignment, revealed 'an urgent need for marketing, sales, and channel management to align and embrace technologies, processes, and programs.

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Bank of Ceylon, Awarded Asia’s Best Brand Award

Bank of Ceylon was awarded Asia’s Best Brand award 2013 by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council (CMO Council) based in Mumbai, India.

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Shareability: Going Beyond Engagement at Meetings

Jenks cited a recent CMO Council study on business-to-business marketing in which 28 percent of respondents said they share content with more than 100 colleagues. 

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July 2013

CMO Council Launches Site For Content Marketing

The CMO Council has launched a Content ROI Center Web site, offering resources to help marketers improve the performance of their content-marketing initiatives.

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CMO Council launches Content ROI Center website

To help marketers develop strategies and best practices for more effective content marketing, the Chief Marketing Officer Council has introduced an informational website, the Content ROI Center.

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CMO Council Launches The Content ROI Center Site

The new Content ROI Center features executive interviews, case studies, thought leadership, research, and conversations about the strategies, technologies, and practices that are helping marketers improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their digital content initiatives.

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Discover the Best Practices for Branded Content Marketing

The Content ROI Center is a go-to source of thought leadership and services to help marketers more fully leverage the power of content to grow business opportunities and brand presence.

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