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March 2014

Marketers Know Customer-Service is Lacking in APAC: CMO Council

Asia-Pacific – A New CMO Council study reveals that only 26 per cent of marketers believe their back-office systems and structures enable their companies to live up to brand promises and marketing claims.

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Asia-Pacific Marketers Admit They Lack Formal Customer Engagement Strategies

CMO Council report finds regional marketers lack the back-office systems, operational structures and formal customer experience management strategies to meet their brand objectives.

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APAC Marketers Seek Greater Role in Customer Experience

Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) companies may want to take heed of the famous quote by American actress Mae West—"An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises"—particularly as it relates to delivering on brand promises made to Asia's 4.3 billion consumers.

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Auto Dealers Updating Their Social Media Strategies

Auto dealers aren’t paying enough attention to social media. The new Turning Social Feeds into Business Leads report published by the CMO Council along with hoojook, indicates that auto dealers are active in social media. The problem is, auto marketers are not using autodealershipsocial media information to its full potential. Doing so would help them boost the number of leads they get every month.

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Dreams of a More Streamlined Car-Buying Process, With Technology as Facilitator

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — For generations, the auto dealer has been the primary avenue for carmakers to sell vehicles to consumers. But technology is rapidly changing that equation. Consumers no longer depend on dealers to learn about cars, and automakers are trying to sell more directly to consumers — despite the varying restrictions in most states on manufacturers’ owning or operating dealerships.

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38% of Consumers Will Take to Social Media When Shopping for Their Next Car

Social media has become a popular medium for generating new leads, and according to a new report, 38 percent of consumers will use social media to find their next car. CMO Council has published a new white paper titled “Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads,” which takes a look at social marketing in the auto industry.

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Car Brands Missing Out by not Using Social Media as Sales Tool

Based on interviews with senior marketers and execs from car brands, as well as dealer networks and service providers in the US, the report finds that most see social as a powerful way of understanding and engaging with consumers. However, it cautions that the majority are only in the early stages of developing social media marketing metrics and integrating social media data into CRM schemes and sales leads.

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CMO Council Releases Auto Report Indicating Lack of Social Media Leverage

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council has released a report indicating that the auto industry ecosystem should do more to leverage social media as a platform for driving business leads into sales pipelines. Social media is stimulating extensive auto-related conversations and content that create major opportunities to identify likely buyers and engage them based on their preferences and purchase intent, according to the report, which is entitled 'Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads'.

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Vehicle Marketers Do Social, Seek Analytics

Social media is a constant challenge and opportunity for automakers. As Erich Marx, Nissan’s director of interactive and social media puts it, if ROI is a bit unclear, the COI — cost of ignoring — is huge.

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CMO Council Report: Car Industry Does not Harness the Power of Social Media to its Fullest

The automotive industry ecosystem should do more to leverage social media as a platform for driving business leads into sales pipelines, argues a new report by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. Social media is stimulating extensive auto-related conversations and content that create major opportunities to identify likely buyers and engage them based on their preferences and purchase intent, according to the report, which is entitled “Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads.”

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What’s your COI – or 'Cost of Ignoring'?

The CMO Council is out with a new report today on the use of social media marketing in the auto industry. As might be expected, they find that social is broadly used for building engagement, brand awareness, customer loyalty and the like. 

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February 2014

Automotive Marketing: Capitalize on the Power of Big Data from Social Media

The automotive industry is changing dramatically as customers shop for vehicles, services, collision centers, parts and accessories, in new ways. With the growing popularity of online review and pricing sites, consumers are using the Internet more than ever before to research products, compare prices, search for promotions, make purchasing decisions, and provide feedback.

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Three Steps for Modernizing Enterprise Customer Experience

It doesn't come as a surprise to hear that a major challenge for organizations today lies in customer experience as they struggle to engage with customers across channels consistently and effectively. Many of us can relate to the negative experiences we've had with brands, and often ask ourselves this: With of all of the customer data and technology available today, how are brands still failing? 

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10 Omni-Channel Trends in 2014

Omni-channel commerce, or uniting online and traditional brick-and-mortar channels and operations, finally became a reality for some retailers in 2013. Many retailers who currently do not have an omni-channel solution in place are looking to implement one in the coming years. With omni-channel still being one of the major buzzwords in the online retail industry, here are ten omni-channel trends to be on the lookout for in 2014…

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1 in 4 B2B Companies Report Use of Tablets to Aid Sales-Related Activities

Some 23% of B2B companies have deployed tablets in sales-related activities, according to newly-released results from Corporate Visions. The survey uncovers somewhat conflicting findings: few companies who haven’t yet deployed tablets have plans to do so, even though three-quarters of the respondents overall indicated that the ability to deploy content and coaching to salespeople’s tablets could improve sales activities.

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Where the Content Marketing Rubber Meets the Road

The content marketing road is becoming a longer road to travel. In June 2000, there were fewer than 8 million websites. Today that number is greater than 750 million, according to The volume of content on websites—from white papers, blog posts, and eBooks to videos and webcasts—is strewn across each side of the road like flashing signs alerting us to important traffic information ahead or, in some cases, backfires.

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Q&A: CMO Council’s Liz Miller on Marketing Tech Trends

With the marketing technology landscape constantly evolving, it’s a challenge for marketing pros to keep on top of the latest solutions and what they need to improve their programs and campaigns.

We sat down with the CMO Council’s vice president of marketing Liz Miller to sort through the biggest current trends in marketing tech, why it pays for marketers and IT departments to be on the same page and why it’s critical to do all of your homework before purchasing technology solutions for your team.

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Marketing, Technology and Big Data: Bridging the Gap Between the CMO and the CIO

The rise of Big Data and digital marketing is dramatically changing the roles, responsibilities and relationships of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs). In fact, marketing and technology are now so inextricably linked that Gartner predicts that by 2017, CMOs will actually outspend CIOs on technology purchases. As CMOs strive to meet consumer expectations for relevant experiences and CIOs use analytics and other tools to deliver relevance at scale and provide individualized experiences to consumers, the need for CMOs and CIOs to more closely collaborate is essential for business success in a Big Data environment. 

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New CMO Council Survey of Large Enterprise Marketers Reveals More Brand Spending on Small and Mid-Size Business Customers—But Deficiencies in Data, Insights and Campaign Effectiveness

Two out of three big business brands are planning to increase their focus and investment in engaging small to medium-sized business (SMB) customers over the next 12 to 36 months, according to a new study from theChief Marketing Officer Council and Penton, a business information services company. However, these marketers admit to shortcomings in their ability to access customer data, intelligence and critical vertical-market insights that can improve campaign effectiveness.

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Customer Knowledge Is the Foundation of Marketing Success

Business is built on relationships. Yet the most important relationship of all—between business and customer—seems to be the one that organizations are falling behind on, leaving them open to failure in what is the age of the customer.

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