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April 2013

Trade Shows ‘Still Important’ But Proof Of Sales Conversion Lacking

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, together with the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association, recently polled more than 260 brand marketers. Findings show that 89 per cent believe trade exhibitions still hold some level of value for their organisations, with 31 percent considering them essential.

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31% Of Marketers Consider Events Essential To Doing Business

The CMO Council and Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA) have released a new report examining events and trade shows and their contributions to customer engagement.

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The Importance And ROI Of Events: Marketers Still Face Challenges

Even as events remain a vital part of the marketing mix, and a key channel for direct one-to-one customer engagement, marketing executives—lacking visibility into the conversion pipeline—don't have sufficiently effective methods for measuring the impact of events and tradeshows on sales and revenue (and therefore can't prove ROI), a new study has found.

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SMB Social Media Marketing: Reaching Today’s Empowered Consumer

Despite 59% of national marketers noting that local demand generation was essential to their business growth, only 7% feel they have highly evolved campaigns and measures in place that can activate consumers at a local level. Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director of the CMO Council, notes that “… according to the U.S. State Department, American businesses lose $50 billion annually in potential sales because of problems with localization… (Source: Center for Media Research).

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Senior Marketers At A Loss To Measure Trade Show ROI

A study by the CMO Council, together with the Exhibit and Event Marketers Association (E2MA), has found that senior marketers still need to find effective methods to measure and prove ROI around events and trade shows.

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The Local Marketer’s Guide To Facebook

Facebook adds another high profile outlet and a massive audience to the growing swell of localization — unfortunately not many businesses have kept pace. The CMO Council’s Executive Director Donovan Neale-May stated in a press release announcing a new report on the importance of localization in marketing: “According to the U.S. State Department, American businesses lose $50 billion annually in potential sales because of problems with localization, so it is clear that this localization gap has a significant lost opportunity cost to any business willing to allow 30 days to pass before driving relevant content into a local marketplace.”

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Nielsen Vizu Report: In Online Advertising, Brand Ads No Longer Direct Response's Little Brother

Online advertising seems tailor-made for direct response marketing, given its measurability and ability to land an immediate sale. But now online channels are growing up in their capability to deliver media content and audiences, and the majority of online marketers in 2013 are fairly evenly splitting their digital spending between brand and direct response advertising — even though there’s still a lack of consistency in effectively measuring ROI across platforms. That picture of the evolution of online advertising emerges from a new survey report by Vizu, a Nielsen company.

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Marketing And IT: Big Data An Obstacle, An Opportunity, And Key To Customer - Centricity

Though frequently at odds, marketing and IT executives agree that harnessing Big Data is imperative to building a customer-centric corporate culture, according to a study by the CMO Council, in partnership with SAS.

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B2B Marketers And IT Can Get Along

The CMO Council recently released a study that found while most marketing and IT execs think their relationship is critical, less than half of marketers (41 percent) and even fewer IT executives (39 percent) said they are aligned with one another and admit there are still challenges to executing priority projects.

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Report: CMOs Face Challenges To CMO-CIO Alignment

Big Data’s Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO and CIO,” a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council and SAS Institute, revealed that 85% of CMOs and CIOs surveyed say they’re still challenged with alignment. What’s more, only 41% of senior marketers say they’re aligned with their IT counterparts, while 39% of senior IT executives report alignment with marketing.

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Increase Big Data Opportunities And Minimize Obstacles

New research from the CMO Council reveals that both CMOs and CIOs believe big data is a key competitive differentiator and will be core to implementing a more customer-centric business culture.

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Is The CEO Obstructing The CMO/CIO Relationship?

The relationship between the chief marketing officer and chief information officer has always been about figuring out technology to drive engagement in digital.

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Big Data Demands New Alliances

Recent research by the CMO Council found that only 12% of marketers described their relationship with IT as being one of “total partnership and alignment.” The same survey found that almost six in 10 marketers believe they're missing important data that could help them better understand customers. Many blame IT.

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CMOs And CIOs Need To Make Better Friends

Apparently CMOs and CIOs aren’t really getting along, according a report from the CMO Council. The tension is building as investment in technology increases and the question of who will control both platform and budget remains unanswered.

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CMOs, CIOs Better Aligned, But Big-Data Challenges Remain: CMO Council

The CMO Council surveyed 237 senior marketers and 210 senior IT executives and came to the conclusion that big data is both a joint obstacle and opportunity. The trick now, according to the CMO Council's latest report, “Big Data’s Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO and the CIO,” is figuring out how to influence CMOs and CIOs to work together for their mutual benefit.

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Marketers Know They're Missing Data That Could Enhance Their Customer Profiles

57% of marketers feel that they are missing important data points that could provide them with a more comprehensive view of their customer, while another 30% believe that’s possible but they’re not sure what they’re missing, per results [download page] from a new CMO Council survey.

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CMO Council Finds Challenges To CMO-CIO Alignment

While the majority of CMOs and CIOs say their relationship with one another is critical to success, both roles report challenges in CMO-CIO alignment, according to a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council in conjunction with SAS Institute.

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CMO Council Study Finds Despite Challenges, CMO/CIO Alignment Critical To Business Success

BtoBOnline reports that while alignment challenges exist, the relationship between the CMO and CIO is more entwined and critical than ever, according to a study from the CMO Council.

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Marketing/IT Relationship Challenges Present Roadblocks To Customer-Centricity

Asked to describe their relationship with their CIO/IT department, just 12% of marketers indicated it to be a “total partnership and alignment,” according to [download page] a new survey from the CMO Council.

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CMOs & IT Finding 'Common Purpose' In Data

Both marketing and IT executives believe big-data is a key competitive differentiator that will be crucial to fostering a more customer-centric business culture.

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