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September 2012

The Marketing Coach: How much you should spend on marketing

The CMO Council reported in 2011 that consumer-focused companies (B2C) averaged around 17 percent while business-focused companies (B2B) spent roughly 11 percent. Major consumer companies such as food manufacturers spend as much as 35 percent of their budgets on marketing.

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A Lesson In Loyalty From Mobile Phone Subscribers

A recent Ricoh-sponsored study conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, called “What’s Critical In The Telecommunications Vertical,” surveyed mobile phone subscribers and senior marketers in the communications services industry. The results are eye-popping: Enormous gaps exist in what telco marketers are delivering vs. what mobile customers want.

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Targeting a Secure Future for Your Online Business through Effective Digital Strategies

The CMO Council, an international peer network for CMO’s, recently released a document called “Integrate to Accelerate Digital Marketing Effectiveness”. The study, which cited over $1.5 trillion being spent worldwide on marketing and communications, made some solid recommendations for its members to help increase the ROI on their digital marketing efforts.

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Mobile phone users lack loyalty but rely heavily on services

The world’s mobile phone subscribers are likely to become vocal and active detractors if they have a negative customer experience, reveals a new global study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

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Major challenges face telecoms brands

Telecoms brands around the world are increasingly struggling to build customer loyalty in the face of rapid technological change and rising competition, a study has argued.

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In a Digital World, Centralize Data, Scale and Adapt

As digital spend keeps rising, most marketers fail to take a holistic approach to managing their digital advertising efforts, which inevitably creates inefficiencies and redundancies.  In fact, less than one out of 10 of the marketers who responded to a CMO Council survey in May said they have a highly evolved digital marketing model with a proven and clear path of evolution.

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The Big Data Dilemma

In a recent CMO Council report, Camille Baumann, regional director of marketing for analytics software and services company SAS, said the rise of big data has forced Asia Pacific’s CEOs and CMOs to “finally pay attention to analytics”.

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August 2012

Telecom Marketers See Need to Build Better Customer Relationships

Telecommunications marketers are seeing a need to forge stronger relationships with their customers, per results from a CMO Council survey sponsored by Ricoh. Asked their top 3 customer engagement priorities for the year ahead, 47% said they would focus on retaining relationships and building stronger affinity with existing customers, while 40% plan to improve the relevance and value of communication and content.

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Mobile Users Lack Loyalty

Mobile phone users are likely to become vocal and active detractors if they have a negative customer experience, according to a global study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

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July 2012

Marketers confounded by mounting data: CMO Council

There is such a thing as too much research, at least according to marketers surveyed by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

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Asia-Pacific Companies Using Advanced Analytics to Be More Customer-Centric

An elite group of senior marketers from across the Asia-Pacific region are meeting this week to discuss the findings of a new study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council on how companies can engage with customers in a more personal, relevant, and valued way by being more adept at big data analytics.

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The CEO/CMO Dilemma: So Much Data, So Little Impact

What’s on the minds of CEOs?  According to a report of over 1700 global CEOs, generating greater consumer insight is the top priority – even more than operations, competitive intelligence, financial analysis or risk management.

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June 2012

What Does 1-800 Flowers, Capital One, & The Oakland A's Have In Common?

Global business expert, former fortune 50 executive and predictive analytics evangelist, Lee Gallagher released today the follow-up to "Advice From Top” in which he was a contributing author.

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E2MA Partners with CMO Council for Global Event Market Study

The Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA), formerly EACA-TSEA, announced today that it has partnered with the CMO Council to conduct a Global Event Marketing Study.

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Students use Facebook for Entertainment, not for Offers or Discounts

A quarter (24%) of UK students use Google+ compared to 45% who use Twitter, according to a new survey by The Beans Group.

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Digital Agencies: Here's Your Wake-Up Call

It seems like things are going pretty well for digital agencies these days. While "these tough economic times" have been particularly tough for a lot of industries, digital agencies seem to be weathering the economic difficulties well.

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Digital Technology to Ignite Marketing Over Next Five Years

Marketing directors and chief marketing officers (CMOs) need to become more immersed in digital technology and its role in customer engagement and conversion if they are to help their organisations grow and prosper over the next five years.

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Tuesday's Cup: Online Marketing Excites and Puzzles CEOs

A new survey from the Chief Marketing Officer Council reports C-suite occupants want more out of online marketing — yet the path there is clouded with confusion.

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