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November 2012

CMO's Get The Mobile Call

Are CMO’s getting their head around mobile? A recent CMO Council survey concluded that only 14% of CMO’s were happy with their mobile strategy. Staggering really. Are CMO’s as far behind on mobile as they were on the web and social?

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How CMOs Can Work with CIOs to Gain Customer Insight

Better insight from customers can drive serious growth in your company, at least according to a recent study by IBM of over 1700 CEOs. But today, acquiring and interpreting customer data inherently must involve both the marketing and IT departments. In fact, recent research conducted by the CMO Council, suggests that this process should start with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

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Engage at Every Stage: A Trademarked Call To Action For Mobile Marketers

The CMO Council has trademarked a signature call to action for mobile marketers called Engage at Every Stage, which urges mobile marketers to use emerging Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) to increase customer interaction.

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When Are CMO's Going To Answer The Mobile Call To Arms?

Are CMO’s getting their head around mobile? A recent CMO Council survey concluded that only 14% of CMO’s were happy with their mobile strategy.

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Who you tryin' to get crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm local?

The CMO Council recently compiled a full report titled ‘Engage at Every Stage: Using Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) to Put More Interaction in the Hands of the Customer.’ Follow this link to get the summary of the full report.

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Why Distributed Marketing Technology is Relevant for Your Business

The need to make marketing more relevant is the driving force behind a growing emphasis on “localized” marketing. In a recent survey by the CMO Council, 86% of marketers said they intend to look for ways to better localize marketing content.

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Five Take-Aways From A Content Marketing Study

Content marketing is the new SEO, the new advertising and the new branding. Content has been compared to currency and marketing is the exchange on which it is bartered for attention. Content marketing has gained traction and earned the interest of senior marketing leaders – even the CMO Council has launched a white paperon content marketing and ROI.

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CMO Council Finds Mobile Growing Among B2B Marketers

The majority of b2b marketers have implemented, or are in the process of developing, mobile strategies to engage with customers and prospects, although they still face significant challenges with the platform, according to a study released last month by the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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BtoB's Who's Who In 2012

BtoB, The Magazine for Marketing Strategists, named Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, to its Who's Who in B2B Marketing 2012 list. This annual Special Report features the top 100 key thought leaders and movers and shakers across a broad spectrum of the marketing industry. Neale-May was listed for the third consecutive year in the Associations category.

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October 2012

Kent Huffman Details 8 Essential Elements of Social Media Marketing Success in New Book

Nine out of 10 companies are using social networks in their marketing, but who is getting it right and what are they doing? Those are the questions marketing executive Kent Huffman set out to answer with his new book, 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success: Insights and Success Stories from 154 of the World’s Most Innovative Marketing Practitioners, Authors, and Professors. The foreword was written by Dr. William J. Ward, Social Media Professor at Syracuse University, and the afterword was written by Liz K. Miller, Vice President of Programs & Operations at the CMO Council.

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Where is the CMO in Newell Rubbermaid's Re-org?

Last week, as Newell Rubbermaid President and CEO Michael Polk was announcing his company's reorganization as a “bold step critical to unlocking growth,” he was also revealing a bold change in the role of the company's chief marketing officer. “It all makes sense to put value chain, supply chain, and customer channel under delivery. The question is, if you're going to take a holistic view of the marketplace, to what degree are these two groups going to interact?” says Donovan Neale-May, executive director of The CMO Council.  “When you think about product lifecycle management, it's collaborate to innovate.”

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The Next Evolutionary Leap For The CMO

Chief marketing officers are under pressure to own critical areas of authority and influence inside enterprise organizations, reports the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in its second issue of PeerSphere, a peer-inspired, peer-driven, and peer-influenced quarterly journal. The cover story centers on the evolving role of the CMO and new requirements that must be met in order to develop and execute a successful marketing strategy.

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The CMO-CIO Alignment Imperative: Integrating Digital to Drive Insurance Enterprise Performance

In a recent study, "What's Critical in the Insurance Vertical," the CMO Council revealed that the insurance industry is in the enviable position of having consumers who are actively investigating where and how insurance organizations could become more involved in their lives. But the study also uncovered that insurance marketers did not have programs or strategies in place to truly exploit this opportunity through robust retention, cross-sell or upsell strategies.

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Putting Big Data and Advanced Analytics to Work

Big data and analytics have climbed to the top of the corporate agenda, with ample reason. Together, they promise to transform the way many companies do business, delivering performance improvements not seen since the redesign of core processes in the 1990s. As such, these tools and techniques will open new avenues of competitive advantage.

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MercerBell Banks on Big Data with Launch of Data Arm, ngage

An oft-cast-around buzzterm, ‘big data’ encompasses data collection and storage infrastructure, the generation of insights from the data and using the data to tailor interaction with customers. It’s one of the main challenges marketers are facing in the current landscape, according to a study by the CMO Council in August. The same study also predicted that by 2017 CMOs will outspend CIOs on information technology.

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Smart Signage, Smart Phones and Smart Retailing

we must understand how smartphones are currently being used amongst shoppers and where our greatest opportunity lies. According to research done by both comScore and Forrester, four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop and an average of 22 percent of smartphone owners have used a shopping application in the past three months. Add to that, a fact uncovered by the CMO Council, 54 percent of North American consumers would consider ending their loyalty relationships if they were not given tailor-made, relevant content and offers.

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Considerations For Leveraging Loyalty Across Mobile, Web and in Person

Loyalty is a big business in travel – travelers accumulated an estimated value of $48 billion in loyalty points last year, while companies spent around $2 billion in actual cash. And yet, according to the CMO Council, only 13% of marketers believe their program has been “highly effective.”

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CMO Council, MMA Studies Show 'Mobile' Coming Into Power

Marketing in the mobile space is clearly the hot topic as we finish out 2012, as evidenced by the CMO Council’s “Engage At Every Stage” study on mobile relationship marketing (MRM), as well as this month’s Mobile Marketing Association’s SM2 event and The Smarties Awards, held at Advertising Week, in New York City.

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16pc of Marketers Have a Formal Mobile Strategy: Study

Only 16 percent of marketers out of 250 global marketers surveyed have developed a mobile strategy aimed at building customer engagement, according to a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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5 Ideas On How To Localize Your Social Media Strategy

One of our readers here at IMA recently posed a great question in the blog comments: how do I localize my social media presence? Is it possible to focus my brand’s social media stalkingand interactions on a specific, targeted area? It’s a fantastic question that has a lot of relevance for many small businesses that don’t have an international market or plans to expand in the near future. For your average local auto shop or specialty catering company, followers from another country can offer the benefit of a bigger following and engagement. However, they’re not likely to ever make a purchase. Perhaps most interesting, it’s not just local businesses that should think about targeting. Focusing heavily on key geographic areas can actually be an effective marketing maneuver for national brands.

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