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June 2013

B2B Buyers On What Online Content Works...And What Doesn’t

87% of B2B content consumers say that online content has a major (27%) or moderate (60%) impact on their vendor selection, according to a new report from the CMO Council and NetLine, and 35% believe that online content highlights the vendors that best understand their needs.

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May 2013

Texting Is The New Email - Does Your Company Do It Right?

No longer the exclusive domain of fleet-fingered teens and tweens, text messaging is exploding across all populations. Last year, 9.8 trillion texts were sent, according to industry group CMO Council, making texting for a mobile phone. (The first is checking the time.)

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13 Alarming Stats About Retail In Digital

Fifty-four percent of consumers would consider ending their relationship with a retailer if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content and offers. (CMO Council).

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What Continued Investment In MA Businesses Gives To Marketers

We are certainly seeing more cooperation among CIOs and CMOs, with both focused on working together to achieve a truly customer-centric approach to business and marketing, as reported by a new CMO Council study.

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One (Bad) Week In The Life Of A Wireless Customer

It is not that wireless companies don’t know that customers hate fees. Just to cite one study—last year CMO Council found that wireless users’ greatest concerns were poor quality of service, hidden fees or unexplained costs and high fees for texting and accessing the Internet. Also, 43% of subscribers surveyed believe that the services they receive from their carrier is not commensurate with the fees they pay.

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Top Challenges Holding Marketers Back From Adopting Data-Driven Marketing

Results of a recent Teradata survey show that most companies are well aware of big data’s potential value and the challenges that go hand-in-hand with it. But, what is the top challenge? No, it’s not a lack of resources. (In fact, earlier this year, the CMO Council reported that marketing budgets are on the upswing.)

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How Much Longer Will Events Be The Most Effective Demand Channel?

Almost half (47%) of trade-show visitors go with the express plan of buying within 12 months of an event, and fully 81% of attendees can make the final call or recommend on purchases. So why aren’t marketers more aggressive in the lead up to events?

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Infographic: CMOs And CIOs Fight For Customer Centricity

Marketing and IT departments in many companies are waving their white flags and calling a truce. These once heavily drawn battle lines are beginning to blur now that the two organizations realize that they're fighting for the same thing: customer centricity. In fact, according to the study “Big Data's Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO and CIO”by SAS and the CMO Council, 80% of marketers and 88% of IT executives cite joining forces to achieve customer centricity as a main priority.

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Mobile Sales Strategies Reduce Costs, Boost Productivity

As the study states, “90% of sales materials created are not used by sales and fewer than 50% of salespeople use the CRM tools provided by their company” (numbers provided by the CMO Council and CSO Insights, respectively). That’s a pretty frightening discrepancy when you consider the costs involved – and the fact that businesses are expected to have higher content budgets this year than last, especially when it comes to video content.

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Why Events Are The Last Bastion Of Integrated Marketing

We can tell the last ten items a consumer bought on our site and we can tell the open rate of our email marketing campaigns, but few of us can say how long any one visitor at our event booth spent there and what they picked up.

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Marketers Planning To Spend More On Online Brand Advertising

According to a recent report in the L.A. Times, marketers are widening their focus and preparing to invest more resources in online brand advertising. Unlike direct response advertising, brand advertising is designed to simply promote a specific company, product or service.

The 2013 Online Advertising Performance Report by the CMO Council and Vizu (a Niesen company) showed that 64 percent of marketers plan to allocate more budget spend to online brand advertising this year. Additionally, 69 percent indicated a growing interest in mobile advertising and 64 percent are increasing their interest in video advertising.

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Piecing Together A Local Marketing Strategy

According to the CMO Council’s new Brand Automation for Local Activation study, 59 per cent of respondents believe local marketing is essential to growth and profitability, yet struggle to develop strategies and measure its effectiveness. Just seven per cent claimed to have highly evolved campaigns and measurements in place to active local customers.

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Don’t Let Mobile Be An Afterthought – 3 Tips For Getting Into Mobile Marketing

We know that consumers prefer mobile experiences, but if you’re a marketer, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed a campaign on your phone or tablet that has not been designed for mobile. It seems many marketers are still considering mobile as an afterthought, despite the opportunities it presents, and will continue to present as mobile penetration explodes.

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How To Survive The Disillusionment Of Content Marketing

In its most recent annual report on the state of marketing, the CMO Council found that only 12 percent of respondents view their agency partners as “extremely valuable.” And nearly half (47 percent) characterized their agencies as being average, underperforming, or not producing at all. Gack!

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April 2013

Brands Boosting Mobile and Social Media Advertising Budgets In 2013: Report

According to the 2013 Online Advertising Performance Outlook, a report produced jointly by Vizu, a Nielsen company, and the CMO Council, advertisers are changing how they view the online medium. "Long the bastion for direct response, marketers are now embracing online for branding purposes aimed at shifting consumer perception," Nielsen says.

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Growing Profits With Marketing Automation

The amount of data zooming in and out of companies continues to climb. There's company, product, and pricing information; competitive information; and customers' demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data as well. Plus, all of this data has to be communicated over multiple channels. It can be overwhelming to say the least. So when it comes to addressing customers' immediate personal needs, marketers can use all the help they can get. That's what marketing automation sets out to accomplish.

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Leverage Big Data For An Improved Customer Experience

A key challenge for companies seeking better customer relations is to use the large amounts of data they collect to improve the way customers experience their organizations. In a new study, the CMO Council finds that IT and marketing professionals agree that a customer-centric culture supported by big data is a key competitive advantage and an important way to differentiate their business.

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Marketers Struggle To Prove Trade Show ROI, Study Shows

Although events and trade shows remain a “vital part” of the marketing and customer engagement mix, senior marketers say they’re challenged to measure and prove ROI, according a new study by the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA), the results of which were released this week.

Titled “Customer Attainment from Event Engagement,” the report — conducted in partnership with the CMO Council — is based on a survey of 260 brand marketers, as well as interviews with 21 senior brand marketers and 11 meetings industry experts.

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The State Of B2B Content Marketing: Tactics, Sharing Tools And Metrics

With 91% of B2B companies doing it, content marketing has quickly become one of the most popular mediums for marketers. Uberflip’s latest infographic, The State of B2B Content Marketing, explores how B2B brands are leveraging these tactics, including common objectives, promotion tools, metrics and reported results.

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Trade Shows’ Days Could Be Numbered: CMO Council

Conducted in partnership with the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association (E2MA), the survey of more than 260 brand marketers found that events were still the No. 1 marketing channel, but search, direct/email, and Web-based marketing were each nipping at the heels of the events channel.

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