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February 2013

Marketers Seen Over-Reliant On "Hearsay Data" For Local Marketing Insights

Senior marketers say they have a formalized process for measuring the success of their local marketing campaigns, while another 37% use one only when the situation calls for it, per results, from a new CMO Council survey.

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Mobile Hasn't Yet Found Its Place In The Local Marketing Mix

Senior marketers are lukewarm about mobile’s importance to their local marketing agendas, according to results from a new study by the CMO Council. Asked how mobile will impact their local marketing mix in the year to come, a plurality 33% said they are still investigating the opportunity in mobile. Separately, just 6% rated mobile as important to the success of their local marketing strategies.

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Street Fight Daily: Square Puts 'Business in a Box,' Google Opens Glass

A new study from the CMO Council argues that national brands are far behind in their adoption of mobile as a “localization strategy.” It’s less a question of execution, and more, a fundamental matter of understanding — a conceptual/intellectual foundational kind of thing.

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Where Marketing Execs Are Spending All Those Tech Dollars

Why is marketing so invested in technology? Because today, marketers must lead with data and insight -- and that is completely technology-driven, says Liz Miller, vice president of marketing programs and operations at the CMO Council, a worldwide network of marketing decision makers.

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Most National Brands Unhappy With Local Marketing: CMO Council

CMOs running national brand campaigns are on a roll, but many of them are unhappy about the local, channel, and field sales operations of their companies and partners. According to a new CMO Council report, many national CMOs are looking for ways to beef up the effectiveness of their local counterparts.

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Local Marketing: 59% Say It's Essential; 7% Say They're Really Good At It

About 6 in 10 senior marketers, presented with a choice of attitudes regarding the importance of local marketing to their organization’s demand generation and revenue, chose the response indicating that it is essential to business growth and profitability, according to a new report from the CMO Council.

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44% Of Marketers Not Leveraging Mobile For Local Marketing: Study

Despite mobile’s promise to deliver hyper-relevant marketing, brands are either disregarding the medium or stretching their mobile efforts too thin, according to a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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National Brands Lack Tools to Execute Local Campaigns Effectively

Though 59% of national brand marketers say local marketing is essential to their business growth and profitability, only 7% say they have highly evolved campaigns in place—complete with measurements and analytics—that can activate consumers at a local level, according to a report by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in partnership with Balihoo.

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CMO Council Finds Marketers Dissatisfied With Local Campaigns

While 59% of national marketers say local demand generation is essential to business growth, only 7% have highly evolved campaigns and measurements in place to activate customers at the local level, according to a new study by the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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Study Reveals Brand Marketers Mostly Clueless And Inept At Localization

While many brands and retailers have a vague understanding of the importance of localizing their marketing efforts, they simply aren’t doing it effectively — if at all. That’s according to a new survey and report entitled “Brand Automation for Location Activation.”

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Think Nationals Will Drive Local-Mobile Ad Spending? Think Again

Today a report from the CMO Council, sponsored by local marketing automation platform Balihoo, all but confirms my thesis. The report is substantially based on a survey of national/brand marketers and their agencies. It explores their overall localization tactics and the barriers they face. I’ve written up the report at Marketing Land.

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CMO Council Reveals Mobile Advertising Bright Spots In 2012 Study

The Chief Marketing Officer Council has released its latest thoughts on mobile advertising through its MRM (mobile relationship management) Year in Review report (Posted by Caroline Robertson).

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Mobile Great For Client Relation Management

A study titled “Engage at every stage “ and sponsored by the CMO council, a body dedicated to high level marketing information exchange explains that the key to successful mobile will be in using the mobile phone as remote control to manage consumer relationships.

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Only 16% Of Marketers Have Mobile Strategy

The CMO Council’s latest mobile advertising report reveals that mobile relationship marketing (MRM) was “the single most investigated, tested and piloted” marketing activity of 2012.

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CMO Research Shows Telecos Seeking Partnerships

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council keeps its ear to the ground all year round. Here in a new study, conducted in partnership with HP, CMO Council reveals that marketers in the $1.3 trillion global telecommunications industry are being both challenged and enabled by the free over-the-top (OTT) communications service providers, such as Google, Skype and Facebook.

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How To Lower Costs By Repurposing Content

A recent CMO Council report called "Closing the Gap" found that sales teams spend approximately 40 percent of their time preparing customer-facing deliverables, while leveraging less than 50 percent of the materials created by marketing.

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CMO Council: Mobile Marketing's Bright Spots

Unilever, SlimFast, Audi, and are among a growing number of brands embracing Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM). All four are turning rich media engagement and relevant content into connected experiences that go from web to mobile.

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MRM Year In Review: Mobile Advertising Bright Spots In 2012 Report

All signs are pointing to mobile as the preferred channel of choice for engaging device-dependent customers. As marketers look to understand, test, leverage, exploit, and measure mobile advertising, there is also a call for best practices in how this integrates with both online and offline customer acquisition and relationship-building initiatives.

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January 2013

Telco Marketers Lead The Charge For New Markets

Marketers in the $1.3 trillion global telecommunications industry are being both challenged and enabled by free over-the-top (OTT) communications service providers, such as Google, Skype and Facebook, according to a report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

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Telco Marketers Striking Deals With OTT Providers

Over-the-top players are increasingly being courted for partnerships and revenue-sharing opportunities by fixed and mobile operators, claims a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. 44 per cent of telco marketers confirmed they are actively exploring deals with OTT service providers.

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