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December 2011

Small details, big results: how to gain more from your social media initiative

With consumers logging into social media sites across the world — writing on walls, liking, interacting and influencing like never before — the face of marketing, buying and selling as we knew it has been transformed.

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CMO Study: Consumers expect experiences, savings, games, etc. from socially connected brands

Consumers are "positively engaged" and "highly loyal" to the brands they choose to follow and "like" on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, but they also have "high expectations" that brands should offer them unique experiences, savings, promotions, games and other incremental elements as part of their social experiences, according to findings of "Variance in the Social Brand Experience" study, released this morning by the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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The State of Social Marketing 2011-2012

At the end of 2011, Social marketing stands at a profound crossroads. Some organizations are finally embracing the importance of social networks and, as a result, increasing investments in creative engagement, marketing, and service programs. Others see the future value, but lag behind in execution. At the vanguard, Social Businesses drive a virtuous cycle of discovery: Their successes in Social marketing lead to new data, which lead to insights, which lead to new and more effective programs as well as the business systems and processes necessary to improve internal and external collaboration.

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The big data behind user engagement: get smart (fast!)

Social media feeds on user engagement. Our interactions are the industry’s bread and butter, and whoever wants a piece of the hype should unlock the secrets of social media. Marketing your brand, products and services via social media platforms is an idea rooted in practicality, if you want to get direct access to consumers. Advertisements in Facebook can penetrate hundreds of millions of potential customers around the globe, or be retweeted a gazillion times in one day. Sharing and retweeting have already replaced the traditional methods of disseminating information. However, internet promiscuity comes as a new challenge.

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Hypnotic Strategies You Can Take to the Bank

Incorporating autosuggestions, visualization and building perceived value using the right language are fascinating and powerful, but they are subjects for another day. I wanted to shine a light on their power and encourage you to investigate them further. The key to achieving top-of-mind awareness is really simple. Deliver outstanding products and services, and embrace customer service as a marketing strategy. Focus on the quality of the customers’ buying experience. Simple.

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New Report Reveals Opportunities for Bank Marketers to Find New Routes to Revenue Beyond Levying Fees for Basic Banking Services

A tighter economy is forcing consumers to become more educated about their finances and banks have the opportunity to mentor and help with more personalized counseling and convenient services, reports the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

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Cosumers are mainly looking for free stuff from brands on social media, says study

There is a great digital divide between ‘what consumers really want’ and ‘what the marketers think their consumers want’ from social media, according to a study conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and

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Marketers Add Location Based Strategies to Digital Arsenal

Location-based advertising has become an integral component of overall communications strategies. This month, several major brands introduced programs that leverage geo-local information to offer consumers more relevant content.

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November 2011

Research From Cleveland's Metrics Marketing Reveals How to Optimize Direct Mail

Cleveland marketing agency Metrics Marketing Group recently released eye-tracking and facial-expression research to gain insight into how people read and respond to direct mail pieces.

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A New Way to Gain Customer Insights

How conjoint analysis, a tried-and-true market research tool, can be used to support organic growth.

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Your View: Why Groupon Should Give National Marketers a Better Deal Locally

Groupon Inc., Chicago's somewhat embattled poster child in social media's daily-deal delivery category, might want to pay attention to some findings in the latest report by the Chief Marketing Officer Council, a global group whose 6,000 members control more than $300 billion in marketing spending.

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CMO Council Recognizes HumanKiosk as Emerging Solution to Help Brands Localize Marketing Programs

Today’s news follows the CMO Council’s release of its “Localize to Optimize Sales Channel Effectiveness” research report, announced on Monday. It reveals that 86% percent of national marketers surveyed intend to look for better ways to modify, adapt and localize their marketing content, messaging and prospect engagement practices. Highlighted in this research were the “preferred” marketing mediums to achieve “localization,” which include interactive digital signage along with electronic messaging, and social networks over broadcast television, local magazines and other traditional B2C communications.

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MediaTile's HumanKiosk Recognized as Emerging Technology Solution in "Localize to Optimize Sales Channel Effectiveness" CMO Council Research Report for Brands in Retail

MediaTile, the recognized leader in 3G and 4G cloud-based digital signage solutions, today announced that its HumanKiosk Solution, powered by the company's MediaCast Video Presence system, has been recognized by the CMO Council's recently released research on how brands and retailers can "localize to optimize sales channel effectiveness" as an emerging technology solution.

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CMO Council Study Pours Cold Water on Group Buying Sites

U.S.-based organization Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council has released a study of local marketing channels, one that suggests group buying sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial are not seen by national brand marketers as an effective generator of value.

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Half of local marketing campaigns fail, according to CMO Council

The Chief Marketing Officer Council said when it comes to local marketing campaigns, half of businesses believe they have underperformed and need new strategic thinking. Email marketers may need to invest in a CRM or marketing automation program to help better reach people in their local market.

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CMO Council finds marketers pursuing local

The Chief Marketing Officer Council found that 86% of national marketers plan to look for ways to better localize their marketing content, according to a new study.

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Marketing Execs Say Local is Critical to Success

The internet may be the great global equalizer, but big brands are going local in order to make shopping more personal. Earlier this month, Walmart set up Facebook pages dedicated to each of their stores and Sears is offering local ads online. A new report from CMO Council says this is just a small sample of what we’ll be seeing in the future. 86% of the marketers they surveyed said they’re actively looking for a better way to localize their efforts. 49% said that localization was essential to business growth.

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Brands to Focus on Localized Content Marketing

Engaging local target audiences is a strategic focus for many brands: 49% of national marketers surveyed say localized marketing is essential to business growth and profitability, particularly as it relates to demand generation and sell-through of products and services, according to a study by the CMO Council. Read more:

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Report: More than half of local marketing efforts underperform

Eighty-six percent of marketers intend to localize their marketing campaigns, according to a survey conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. Only 12% of respondents believe they have highly evolved local campaigns and analytics, and nearly 50% say their local campaigns have underperformed and need new strategic thinking.

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October 2011

CMOs Eye Disparity: Local Marketing Wishes, Reality

Nearly 50% of marketers surveyed by the Chief Marketing Officer Council believe localized marketing is essential to business growth and profitability, particularly as it relates to demand generation and sell-through of products and services.

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