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January 2014

When Marketing to SMBs, More Segmentation and Relevance Are Needed

One of the most basic rules of marketing is that in order to target, reach and pull in your customers, you need to first know exactly who those customers are. The problem is that most marketing executives don’t know nearly as much about small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as they should, which makes creating marketing campaigns for them difficult, to say the least. Considering that SMBs make up a huge segment of the market in North America, that’s a bit of a problem.

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Upgrading Today’s Customer Experience

Any CMO will tell you that one of their ongoing business challenges is consistently engaging with both their existing and prospective customers across all channels. According to arecent study issued from the CMO Council, nearly 80 percent of senior B2B marketing executives admit that they fail to deliver updated news and insights about accounts and prospects to their sales organisations. 

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Segmentation, relevance needed to market to SMBs

Marketers must make better use of data about their small-business customers

It’s a basic rule of marketing that knowing your customers is key to targeting, reaching and pulling them in. But when it comes to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which make up a large chunk of all firms in North America, many marketing executives don’t know as much as they could.

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Marketers turn focus to small business customers

Two out of three big business brands are planning to increase their focus and investment in engaging small to medium-size business (SMB) customers over the next 12 to 36 months, according to a study from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Penton, a business information services company. - See more at:

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Brilliant B2B: Big brands struggle to understand SMB market

Two out of three big brands are planning to increase their investment in targeting small- to medium-sized customers over the next one to three years, but most don’t have a clear understanding of the SMB market, according to a new study. The report, from the CMO Council and Penton, reported that 70% of marketers believe the SMB market is extremely important to their business. 

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Small Business Owners Aren’t Fans of Big Brands

America’s 23 million small businesses should represent a giant market for big companies, particularly as small businesses leave the Great Recession in the rear-view mirror and look to invest in new equipment. One problem: Main Street doesn’t seem to like large corporations much.

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Infographic: SMBs play an essential role in the big brand game

When it comes to small and medium-size business (SMB) customers, brands aren't playing around. According to the “Business Traction from Smarter SMB Interaction,” study by the CMO Council andPenton, 70% of marketers selling to SMBs deem the market extremely important. These brands don't just view SMBs as pawns in their marketing game

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Few Brand Marketers Have A Complete View of Their SMB Customers

Enterprise brand marketers who sell to SMB audiences are planning to increase their SMB focus in the future, as the vast majority expect the market to grow to some extent over the next 3 years. However, only 8% of the respondents to the survey conducted by The CMO Council and Penton indicate that they have a complete 360-degree view of the SMB customer, and marketers identify numerous areas where there are gaps in their data.

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Big Business Battle Lack of SMB Insight

According to recent U.S. Census data, 170,000 small businesses closed their doors in the two-year period between 2008 and 2010. However, as the country's economy begins to emerge from recession, small-to-midsize businesses have demonstrated, once again, that their independent nature offers the average big business investor much room for growth

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Marketers Have Incomplete View Of SMB Customers: CMO Council

Marketers will have a laser focus on small and midsize businesses (SMBs) this year, with 70 percent of respondents in a newly released survey by the CMO Council saying the market is extremely important to their businesses.

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Media Mix: How Enterprise Marketers Plan to Change Their Approach to SMB Audiences

Enterprise-level marketers who sell to the SMB market are planning to make interesting changes to their media mix, according to a new study from the CMO Council sponsored by Penton. With a plurality 63% of these marketers only moderately satisfied with their current marketing and media mix, it’s no surprise that their strategies are ripe for change. But not all of the results are expected.

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Digital measurement in Asia Pacific: A reality check

Everyone talks about measurement, but the true state of the art in many organisations may disturb you. Digital measurement is quite a popular conversation topic in management circles and industry conferences. But how much of the urgency purported at networking events really transforms into concerted and sincere effort toward meaningful and simple measurement ecosystems within today's enterprises? 

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December 2013

B2B marketers need to stop playing the victim

B2B marketers need to stop playing the victim and spend more time learning customer centricity from their consumer counterparts if they wish to remain relevant in five years’ time.

Speaking during a recent CMO Council webinar on what the role of the CMO will look like in 2018, Mitel executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, Martyn Etherington, claimed the reason B2C marketers have traditionally been more successful than B2B marketers is thanks to their customer centricity. He predicted a blurring of the line between the two types as customer centricity and micro-segmentation become the norm across all businesses.

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Big data success needs the CMO and the CIO

Not so very long ago, marketing saw information technology as a back office operation inhabited by geeky types who would never be able to understand the mind of the marketer, while IT regarded marketing as obsessed with creativity but cavalier about budgets. Each thought of the other as clever, committed and necessary but otherwise somewhat unfathomable

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Marketing Execs Struggle to Fulfill Big Data Potential

CMO Council research shows that marketing executives are not yet benefiting from real-time data analysis and other promised benefits of Big Data. While Big Data technologies present some exciting new opportunities for marketers, few marketers appear to be realizing Big Data benefits. 

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Adobe and CMO Council Study: Indian Marketers Ready to Adopt and Integrate Digital Marketing in Their Businesses [Professional Services Close - Up]

Adobe November 28 released the second annual Adobe APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard, a study done by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. According to a release, a six-month in-field program comprising quantitative and qualitative surveys, the study benchmarked the levels of adoption, traction and success of digital marketing in Australia, Singapore, Korea, China, Hong Kong and India. 276 senior marketers from a range of industries took part in the study including 43 respondents from India.

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Big data could generate $250b in APAC revenues

Big data could help generate an extra $250 billion in revenues in the Asia Pacific region, however implementations are hampered by a lack of available skills and poor internal communications. That's the key finding of new research commissioned by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and conducted by The Economist's Economic Intelligence Unit.

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Despite gaps, APAC marketers confident of digital abilities

SIGNIFICANT differences are starting to appear between Asia Pacific countries according to the results of the second annual Adobe APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard conducted by the CMO Council in partnership with Adobe. 

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How to start the journey towards customer-centricity

Westpac and CMO Council discuss how marketers can help their organisations improve customer engagement, and present highlights of a forthcoming study into best practices for brands wanting to improve customer experience. Chief marketers struggling to put customer experience at the heart of their corporate culture should start by identifying clear areas of opportunity they can build off, Westpac’s head of CRM claims.

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Study: Australia’s CMOs need to invest more building digital staff capabilities

Australian marketers are still focusing their digital marketing efforts primarily on driving traffic to their web sites while higher customer satisfaction (and its corollary engagement) languish as a priority.

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