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January 2012

Ad Agencies struggling to evolve in Digital Age

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council report on client/agency effectiveness—dubbed “More Gain, Less Strain”—says the marketing shift to digital, social, and mobile channels is significantly impacting agency relationships, compensation models, and use of marketing technology and measurement systems.

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CMO Council Study: Marketers Are Dissatisfied with Traditional Ad Firms

Only nine percent of senior marketers who responded to a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council survey believe traditional ad agencies are doing a good job of evolving and extending their service capabilities in the digital age, according to the research firm.

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The Wide Divide Between Brands And Consumers In Social Media

The CMO Council and Lithium conducted a survey that revealed a wide divide between what marketers think consumers want vs. what consumers really want when it comes to social media.

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CMO Council finds only 9% of agencies doing a good job expanding capabilities

Just 9% of senior marketers believe traditional ad agencies are doing a good job of evolving and extending their service capabilities in the digital age, according to a report by the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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Clients Want Strategic Input, Biz Value from Agencies

When reviewing and evaluating agency relationships, the majority of multi-national client marketers look at strategic contributions (57%) and business value created (56%), according to [download page] a CMO Council survey released in January 2012. Other key considerations include agency efficiency and effectiveness (50%), market impact and success of campaigns (42%), and creative excellence (42%). Yet although senior marketers appear to have an array of methods by which to evaluate their relationships, slightly more than two-thirds do no have solutions or hosted services that improve the agency benchmarking and evaluation process. Similarly, only about one-quarter have developed a best-practice model or formal guidelines for client/agency relationship management. More significantly, 65% do not employ any form of ad scoring or tracking services, and 38% rate their ability to extract optimal value and return from agency partnerships as poor or in need of improvement.

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What to Ask As You Make Your Way Through the Changing Digital Ad Agency Landscape

Ad agencies are not doing a good job of navigating the shift to digital, social, and mobile channels, according to Chief Marketing Officer report on client/agency effectiveness. Just 9% of senior marketers believe traditional ad agencies are doing a good job of evolving and extending their service capabilities in the digital age, in contrast to 22% who view their agencies as struggling to transition their business models and service offerings, it found.

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How Branding has Devalued the Facebook 'Like'

Many marketing and social media manager’s new year bonuses will have been based on generating a meteoric rise in the number of Facebook Likes or Twitter followers. There will have been lots of pats on the back for that iPad 2 competition that earned 100,000 followers in less than a week, or that new landing tab that forces people to Like the brand in order to enjoy the juicy discounts within. A quick Google search for ‘iPad 2 Facebook giveaway’ gives you an idea of the popularity of such a tactic. Can we really value a ‘Like’ or a ‘Follow’ when so many of them are bought rather than earned?

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ANA Ramps Up ICANN Domain Name Protest

As the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' plan to launch a new program of generic top-level domains was scheduled to begin accepting applications on Jan. 12, the Association of National Advertisers' drumbeat against the plan continued.

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7 Steps to Localize your Social Media Campaign

According to a new report from the CMO Council, nearly half (49 percent) of all senior marketing execs believe that a localized marketing strategy is essential to business growth and profitability. The organization recently surveyed more than 300 senior company leaders to come up with a "C-suite" view of the current state of localized marketing strategies and tactics.

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CMO Study: Consumer Anxiety Straining Bank Marketing Communications

How are banks rebuilding trust as the financial industry regains its footing? To what degree are they reassuring their customers and managing messages? Those were the critical questions driving a study published by the CMO Council entitled “Delivering Positive Impressions During Market Depressions.”

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Banks Should Go Digital to Soothe Anxious Customers

Anxious consumers don’t have to look far for economic worries, and a new survey shows banks aren’t helping. The Chief Marketing Officer Council, an organization that provides industry analysis for chief marketers, finds that only 19% of bank marketing executives surveyed were satisfied with their use of digital media in customer relations.

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DQ Drives Social Media Membership With...Email Marketer Silverpop

Dairy Queen recently used content and social marketing tools provided by a company usually identified for its email marketing prowess—Silverpop—to drive its fan club membership and boost store traffic.

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Enhance Business Model Performance by Becoming a Social Organization

Entering 2012, leadership teams are hotly debating social media. How should we use it? How might it shape markets? Will we lose control of our brand image? And, what policies should we adopt for its use?

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How Are You Connecting Through Social

It seems that consumers are looking for a specific connection (offers, interaction, access) to a brand while marketers cling to the notion that consumers are looking for “good content.” That last statement begs the question, “What is good content?” And another, “Who decides what is good content?” I’d argue both should be defined by the consumer.

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4 Ways to Engage Super Socials

About one-third of Americans with a social media profile have fully integrated social media (mostly Facebook) and smart phones into their daily lives. These 46 million people, manage their lives minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour using their phones. Two-thirds have used their phone to update their social media status which probably places them among the 300 million who check their Facebook pages using mobile devices several times each day.

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Banks Need to Cash in on Digital Marketing Opportunities

The financial services and banking industries have struggled in recent years to regain customer confidence following the economic crisis that struck in 2008. Since then, banks have been hard-pressed to win back consumers' trust and communicate with them in a more meaningful way, as a recent study from the Chief Marketing Officer Council notes.

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December 2011

Banks Missing Opportunities To Address Customer Anxieties

The CMO Council reports that banks aren't taking full advantage of digital media channels to assuage increasing customer anxiety caused by recent financial industry turmoil.

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CMO Council Study Finds Differing Consumer and Brand Expectations In Social

A joint CMO Council-Lithium study, released in December 2011, found that consumers are positively engaged and highly loyal to the brands they choose to follow and “like” on social networking sites, though what brands themselves think their customers want or are prepared to give is often very different.

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Study Finds Marketers Misunderstand Their Facebook Fans

When people like pages on Facebook, they expect exclusive offers and timely customer support, but they consider themselves loyal customers and are not as interested in a brand’s content as marketers think they are, according to research from The CMO Council.

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Social Media Marketing Alert: Content Drives Facebook Likes

A report from the CMO Council and Lithium found that 57 percent of marketers using social believe a Likes stem from strong, engaging content marketing.

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