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May 2012

Digital agenda TOPS strategic agenda of C-Suite & Line-of-Business Leaders

In a new study from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, senior marketers report digital marketing has become a key topic of conversation and strategic agenda item with C-level executives and line-of-business (LOB) leaders.

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Marketers Struggling with Digital Strategies, CMO Council Says

While most senior marketers report that digital marketing has become a key topic of conversation with C-level executives and business leaders, many companies are still struggling to move toward more integrated, fully deployed platforms supporting multiple marketing applications, according to a new survey by the CMO Council.

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Top Marketers: Digital Integration Still A Struggle

Just 9% of 200 global marketers surveyed by the CMO Council report that their companies have a highly evolved, integrated marketing model with a clear, proven evolution path.

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Global Marketers Say Management Keen on Customer Data Insights

Global marketers are getting the green light from management to execute digital marketing campaigns, with 1 in 5 saying they have a mandate and budget, and another 42% saying they have strong interest and active support from line-of-business leaders, according to a CMO Council study released in May 2012.

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Digital Marketing Tops Strategic Agenda of Top Execs

CMO Council research finds that doing more with customer data and priming the sales pipeline has the most appeal.

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Less Than 10% of Companies Have " Highly Evolved" Digital Strategies

According to a new survey by the CMO Council, less than 10% of companies say they have a “highly evolved” digital marketing strategy.

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Companies Lack Coherent Digital Strategies

Less than 10% of companies say they have a “highly evolved” digital marketing strategy, according to a new survey by the CMO Council.

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Muchas Agencias Tradicionales de Publicidad Estan Perdiendo el Tren de la Era Digital

Un estudio realizado por CMO Council, revela que solo el 9% de los ejecutivos de marketing y directivos de alto nivel creen que las agencias tradicionales de publicidad estan haciendo un buen trabajo en cuanto a evolucion y ampliacion de sus capacidades digitales.

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5 Essential Components of Localized Marketing Strategy for National Brands

A whopping 90 percent of consumers now use search engines when researching products or services in their local area, according to BIA/Kelsey. Google began more aggressively serving local results in October 2010 due to the shift and growth in local search commerce by consumers and advertisers. Advertisers in turn have boosted their local marketing investment.

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Why CMOs Need to Experiment

When it comes to digital marketing from a brand perspective, Steven Cook knows his stuff. With top marketing positions at top brands like Samsung, Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola, Cook has seen it all.

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Are Brands Wielding More Influence In Social Media Than We Thought?

As one who has read, dissected and written about many a study regarding social media, brands and consumers, I can tell you I for one was quite surprised to see read the findings of a survey recently conducted by Market Force – a worldwide leader in customer intelligence solutions.

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Do Facebook ' Likes' Mean Loyal Customers?

Why do customers ‘like’ a brand on Facebook? And how do brands respond? Using recent research by the CMO Council, we set out to produce this infographic as a thought-provoking reminder as to why brands need to engage with their fans on social media.

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April 2012

UK Marketers See Social Media Benefits, but ROI Concerns Persist

It appears to be a growing trend: marketers say social media has direct benefits, but they are unsure of how to measure them. April 2012 survey results from EPiServer show that the same pattern is occurring in the UK. Roughly 3 in 10 marketers polled by the company cited increased customer loyalty and increased customer engagement as benefits of their social media marketing efforts, while one-quarter pointed to increased traffic to their website and about 1 in 5 attributed an increased sales turnover to their active use.

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How to Maximize the Potential of Localized Marketing

Eighty-six percent of marketers intend to look for ways to better localize their marketing content, according to a recent survey by the CMO Council. Other findings of the survey reveal the importance that marketers place on localized marketing and demonstrate that more work is needed to make localized marketing effective.

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Facebook Timeline and a Lesson in Consumer Engagement

Despite the recent bad press surrounding f-Commerce together with the 'sudden' and 'forced' implementation of Facebook's timeline for pages, ShopIgniter's offering has now become even more compelling. Not only has timeline not been an obstacle for ShopIgniter, but has actually enhanced the offering.

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Email: Another Marketing Medium That Can Come Off The Endangered List

Just about a month ago I told you about a marketing medium dinosaur that is not only quite relevant it's also highly effective: direct mail.

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CMO Council's ' PeerSphere' Journal Debuts

It's been in the works for several months, and now the CMO Council's first issue of PeerSphere quarterly journal has arrived.

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Digital struggle for ad agencies

Ad agencies are struggling to develop their capabilities to match the requirements of an increasingly digital world, according to the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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March 2012

Why Brand Managers Need To Take An Interest In Pinterest

The person who makes the majority of household purchasing decisions has developed an affinity for the latest and greatest social media platform, Pinterest. And brand managers and brand marketers would be very wise to take note.

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Why Women Are the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors In the World

Last December I wrote of the need for more brand ambassadors. The need, as I surmised it, was based on a finding from a study conducted by Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Lithium, a social media tech firm. There was one study finding in particular I based my belief on.

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