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July 2014

CMOs with Connections Earn More

Chief marketing officers who report directly to CEOs or have strong peer relationships with fellow chief financial officers or chief information officers have a higher chance of earning more than CMOs who do not enjoy these connections.

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B2C CMOs get paid more than their B2B counterparts

B2C CMOs earn a higher salary than their B2B counterparts, according to the first-ever compensation report from the CMO Council.

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Good relationships with CIO, CFO can help salary: CMO Council Report

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know that can help you get ahead in your career.

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CMOs Who Take Charge of Digital Earn More Money

Chief marketers who usurp the CDO role earn the board's respect, as well as base salaries of $500,000 and up, says a new study.

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Inaugural Chief Marketing Compensation Report: Salaries, Incentives and Perceptions

How much money do chief marketing executives make? Are CMOs located in Asia compensated more than those in Europe or North America?

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CMO Council reveals insights on top earning chief marketers

With many CMOs believing they are underpaid, CMO Council highlights key insights on top earning chief marketers in their eight annual “State of Marketing” report

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CMOs with strong C-suite alliances take home more money

The CMO Council released its "CMO Compensation Report," based on a "State of Marketing" survey of 345 senior marketing executives.

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How Much Do Chief Marketing Officers Get Paid?

Most chief marketers earn between $100,000 and $350,000 per year, according to a recent report from The CMO Council.

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CMO salaries: most aren’t happy with their pay ticket

A global study has revealed the key factors that influence CMO salaries, finding that CEO reports and C-level relationships matter the most, while digital marketing skills add value. And less than

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Most Chief Marketers Feel Under Paid: CMO Council Report

More than half of CMOs feel they deserve more money for the work they are doing and nearly a third of the CMOs in the top income bracket feel under-respected among their c-suite peers.

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The Highest Paid CMOs are the best digital performers

The highest paid CMOs are the ones that can demonstrate they have transformed their brand’s digital marketing performance and have strategic alliances with other c-suite executives, according to a new survey.

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Strong digital marketing performance delivers high salaries to CMOs

Around the world, marketing leaders in companies with strong digital marketing outcomes earn more than their peers,  as do those who report directly to their CEOs according to new global research by the CMO Council in their upcoming compensation report.

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CMOs (Like Many People)Think They’re Not Paid Enough

Wondering why marketing chiefs at companies burn out so quickly? Maybe its the pay.

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Salary Survey Shows CMO Compensation is Tied to C-Suite Alliances

Nearly Half of Chief Marketers Say They Are Not Being Fairly Compensated

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Study: CMOs Think They Should Earn More

Only 48 percent of CMOs believe they are fairly compensated, according to a new study by the CMO Council in partnership with Kimberly A. Whitler, Ph.D., Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

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Only Half of CMOs Feel Fairly Compensated

Only 48% of chief marketing officers feel fairly compensated, according to the CMO Council's first comprehensive compensation report.

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Better CIO/CFO Relationships See CMO Salaries Soar

First CMO Council benchmarketing report on chief marketing officer compensation finds digital marketing skills are a key ingredient in securing better salaries

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CIOs, CMOs at least agree to disagree for now

The vast majority of CMOs and CIOs now recognize the need to have stronger relationships, but there still appears to be a ways to go toward forging such relationships at many organizations.

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Three Tips to Enable a More Effective Mobile Salesforce

Sales teams are the lifeblood of every organization, tasked with acquiring market share and growing revenues and profits.

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June 2014

Using neuroscience to optimise marketing communication strategies

Nielsen Neuro president reveals how the application of neurscience to marketing can enable more in-depth views of customers and more targeted marketing

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