The State of Digital Brand Advertising

For three years, the CMO Council partnered with Nielsen to survey brands, agencies and media publishers to learn more about how—and where—they’re spending advertising dollars. The latest resulting white paper—titled “The State of Digital Brand Advertising”—takes a detailed look at the steps marketers are taking as they strive to maximize the impact of thei... More


More Gain, Less Strain

This study reveals that ad agencies are struggling to evolve in the digital age, resulting in high turnover of interactive marketing firms. On the flip side, clients lack creative ad scoring systems and formalized campaign metrics.... More


Localize to Optimize Sales Channel Effectiveness

Localized marketing has become a critical area of strategic focus and competitive advantage for brands. Yet, just 12 percent of marketers believe they have highly evolved campaigns and analytics on a local level in contrast to nearly 50 percent who see themselves as underperforming or needing new strategic thinking and capability development in local marketing. In this study &n... More