How Brands Annoy Fans

While it is estimated that programmatic advertising will account for 80 percent of all digital display advertising in 2017, recent headlines and pronouncements by leading brand marketers highlight the significant limitations in this technology-driven ad buying process, with image-sensitive brands ap ... More



Predicting Routes to Revenue

While there is an over-abundance of consumer data and analytics, marketers have yet to master what meteorologists and economists do best: funnel this multiplicity of data into actionable insights to reliably anticipate and predict what’s ahead and then prepare for it. According to this study from the CMO Council—entitled “Predicting Routes to Revenue"—only 5 percent of mar... More


Real Insight: Real Time

Two CMO Council Dinner Dialogue events were held in early 2014 in New York and Los Angeles to discuss the intersection of social, content and business performance. With marketers from brands like Sirius XM, Harper Collins, Johnson & Johnson, Macy’s, NBA, Live Nation, Paramount, Honda and many more in attendance, it was clear that the organizations were all at different stages in their so... More