Josue’s journey at Cisco includes conceptualizing and socializing the marketing strategy to help Cisco Mexico achieve its potential in every market that it participates, enabling his team to create the best market strategies to walk into this path maintaining the highest level of operational excellence both in resource utilization and results while being accountable for the business impact. This journey implies a stretch communication with the ecosystem of partners & allies, local & regional stakeholders and market influencers in order to better identify the key opportunity areas of influence for the marketing efforts. The challenge in the ever changing IT market is to stay up to speed with what the new media customers are consuming to ensure proper utilization and identify the emergent buying centers to impact them accordingly. Josue's background has always been in marketing, mainly in the IT sector where most of his experience came from working at Oracle where he spent more than 10 years occupying functions from local program management to running the complete country marketing operations to finally speending the last years helping develop the Latin America market for the ERP’s product line. Josue has a BA in Marketing from the Univerisdad Anahuac del Sur and a Master degree in Marketing from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is member of the council of the Anahuac del Sur Business Faculty and recipient of the “Liderazgo Anahuac” medal.