Marketers, commerce leaders, and supply chain executives rank internal data sources that are most relevant to their ability to extract insights

Executives across marketing, commerce and supply chain are being charged with improving customer engagement and streamline operations. To this end, they are each leveraging unique tools that can help them extract relevant data to improve their function’s ability to meet customer expectations. Marketers seek to personalize interactions, and therefore prioritize CRM and marketing campaign tools that can help them more accurately target their audience with appropriate messaging. Supply chain leaders look to transactional and operational data that can help them better define what customers are buying and when, so they can determine proper product allocation, as well as customer expectations in terms of shipments and returns, allowing them to provide an enhanced purchasing experience. Commerce leaders, like their marketing counterparts, rely heavily on CRM to target their audience for relevant purchase pitches. And like their supply chain counterparts, focus on transactional data that can help them to determine what products are most successful and why, given historical trends as well as performance of ads and other promotions.


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