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Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). July 2015 1

eMarketer expects mobile to overtake desktop for US search ad dollars this year, rising from $8.72 billion to $12.85 billion—just slightly above desktop’s $12.82 billion. At the same time, there will be 156.4 million mobile phone search users in the US, representing 49.0% of the population.  June 2015 2

Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone and 19% of Americans rely on a smartphone for accessing online services and for staying connected.  April 2015 3

According to a Pew Research Center report, 46% of smartphone owners say their smartphone is something "they couldn't live without," compared to 54% who say their phone is "not always needed." April 2015 4

65% of US smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of rising. 64% check their phones within 15 minutes of going to bed. March 2015 5

87% of millennials always have their smartphone at their side, day and night. 78% of millennials spend over 2 hours a day using their smartphones. 68% of millennials consider their smartphone to be a personal device. March 2015 6

84% of 13-17 year olds own a mobile phone. 83% of 6-9 year olds use a tablet. March 2015 7

78% of Facebook users are mobile-only. February 2015 8

64% of decision-makers read their e-mail via mobile devices. February 2015 9

Mobile app store revenues worldwide are projected to grow to US $76.5 billion in 2017 according to Statista.  February 2015 10

Mobile app usage soared in 2014. Mobile apps generated the most revenue in Japan, South Korea and the US. February 2015 11

in 2014, a U.S. consumer spent on average 413 minutes monthly accessing online video services over cellular or Wi-Fi.  January 2015 12

44% of consumers say that they would like brands to deliver deals and coupons to their mobile devices. January 2015 13

The majority of consumers are of the opinion that mobile-optimized sites run faster than non-mobile-optimized sites. January 2015 14

Mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall ecommerce revenues by the end of 2017. January 2015 15

In 2012, only 34% of Mexicans reported using their cell phones to go online. But in 2013 more than 6 out of 10 Mexican Internet users (64%) said that they use cell phones to go online. January 2015 16

45% of Mexican Internet users follow a brand on social media and the most popular reason for doing this is to get discounts. January 2015 17

North America continues to drive the lion’s share of the mobile Internet ad spend growing from 18.8% in 2013 to 49.1% in 2017. December 2014 18

In 2013, 62% of emails were opened on a mobile device (48% on smartphones and 14% on tablets). December 2014 19

78% of smartphone users access a retail site via a mobile app. These people want on-the-go, targeted information with minimal data use that a mobile app provides. 44% of tablet users accessed a retail site via a mobile app. December 2014 20

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