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Why Relevance Drives Response and Relationships

Consumers are taking control of in-bound communication channels, unsubscribing to irrelevant email, and defecting from brands that continue to deliver uninvited and non-personalized content and random mass mailings, according to a poll from the CMO Council and Ricoh.

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Featuring 14 research charts

Chart 1: What are your preferred methods for companies to contact you about product or service promotions?

Chart 2: What types of email do you always open?

Chart 3: What types of traditional mail do you always open?

Chart 4: What types of emails do you receive the most of?

Chart 5: What types of traditional mail do you receive the most of?

Chart 6: Do you ever unsubscribe to email newsletters?

Chart 7: If yes or sometimes, why do you unsubscribe from email?

Chart 8: Do you find when you belong to a loyalty club, the promotions you receive are based on your preferences or past purchases?

Chart 9: If you do receive personalized loyalty club offers, does this inspire you to use the offer or visit that retailer over their competition?

Chart 10: If you've received irrelevant promotions via email or direct mail, have you decided to no longer purchase from that company based on the overwhelming impersonal clutter?

Chart 11: Have you ever received a promotion for a product you already purchased from a company?

Chart 12: Do you use any type of social media?

Chart 13: If yes, which specific tools/applications do you use?

Chart 14: Would you opt in for more traditional mail vs. electronic statements if the government certified that mail had less environmental impact than electronic delivery?

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