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Closing the Gap: The Sales and Marketing Alignment Imperative

As more executives are being held accountable for process and sales optimization, bridging the gap and aligning sales with marketing is a critical imperative versus a luxury of company culture. The study, which reached out to a wide cross-section of marketing, sales and channel management professions worldwide, is part of a new initiative by the CMO Council to more tightly couple sales and marketing in helping companies drive business performance, improve lead quality and conversion rates, and acquire higher value, more profitable customers through better analytics. The report aggregates a worldwide audience of sales professionals seeking to further their effectiveness through knowledge exchange, peer-to-peer networking and best practice studies.

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Featuring 36 research charts

Chart 1: How would you characterize the culture and orientation of your company?

Chart 2: How well do sales and marketing organizations collaborate and share information in
your company?

Chart 3: Does your company have any formal programs, systems or processes for unifying
and aligning sales goals with marketing activities?

Chart 4: If so, have these been successful?

Chart 5: In what ways would your company benefit from a more effective and fully integrated sales and marketing model?

Chart 6: What are the challenges to better integrating sales, contact center, marketing and
channel management groups in your company?

Chart 7: How do you view the sales function in your organization?

Chart 8: How do you view the marketing function in your organization?

Chart 9: What are the key elements to maximize sales in your organization?

Chart 10: What should be done to improve the yield and effectiveness of the sales

Chart 11: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important and 1 being the least important, what role should marketing play in optimizing sales performance, deal value and close rates?

Chart 12: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important and 1 being the least important, what should sales do to add value to the marketing, messaging and communications process?

Chart 13: How visible and available is customer contact, prospect and sales data in your

Chart 14: What is the level of satisfaction with your CRM application?

Chart 15: If you answered “difficult to customize and use” or “high level of dissatisfaction,”
please explain why.

Chart 16: What functionality and usability is lacking from your company’s CRM solution?

Chart 17: To what degree do you have visibility into customer accounts and business

Chart 18: How widely adopted and used is this tool by sales?

Chart 19: How widely adopted and used is this by marketing?

Chart 20: What are the core benefits with the functionality and usability of your company’s
CRM solution?

Chart 21: To what degree are you tracking and optimizing customer lifetime value and

Chart 22: Do sales and marketing teams access or share customer analytics and insight?

Chart 23: What input should sales give to marketing to further customer lifetime value and

Chart 24: How should marketing assist sales in furthering customer lifetime value and

Chart 25: What metrics and measures should marketing use to quantify its impact on sales
results and business outcomes?

Chart 26: Overall, how would you rate the effectiveness of your company’s sales

Chart 27: Overall, how would you rate the effectiveness of marketing in supporting your
company’s sales function?


Chart 28: How many countries does your organization operate in?

Chart 29: What is your title?

Chart 30: To whom do you report?

Chart 31: How large is your company?

Chart 32: Is your business: (BtoB/BtoC/Hybrid)

Chart 33: How long are your average sales cycles?

Chart 34: Within which industry does your company compete?

Chart 35: In which regions of the world does your company operate?

Chart 36: How many people are employed by your company?



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