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Whats Critical in the Telecommunications Vertical

The latest installment of the CMO Council's "What's Critical in the Vertical" series, in partnership with Ricoh, seeks to provide key insights into the factors driving loyalty and defection in the telecommunications industry. "What's Critical in the Telecommunications Vertical" features data gathered from 1,660-plus global consumers and 147 senior marketers and highlights the key areas of focus for telecommunications service providers, as well as some of the primary areas of importance and frustration for consumers. To learn more about the needs, wants, and desires of consumers and how telecommunications industry marketers’ intentions and strategies plan to drive loyalty and profitability, download the full report. 

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Featuring 38 research charts

Consumer Findings

1. Do you own a mobile phone? 

2. Did you select your own service plan?  

3. How long have you done business with your current cellular provider?

4. Have you canceled service or transferred accounts to a different carrier in the last 12 months? 

5. if yes, why did you leave your last carrier?

6. if you have thought about switching, what is your top reason for looking at new carrier options? 

7. Have you recently changed plans or phones (but stayed with the same carrier) in the last 12 months?

8. If yes, what led you to change your phone or service plan? 

9. What type of customer would you characterize yourself as? 

10. Has your mobile service provider ever informed you about other products or services that might be relevant to your life?

11. What are your greatest concerns or complaints about your mobile service carrier? 

12. What are the top activities you engage in with your mobile phone?  

13. Thinking of the top most frequent activities selected in the previous question, could you give up or stop using any of these functions, features, or programs?

14. Do you believe that your usage of mobile service will increase or decrease over the next 12 months? 

15. Do you believe that your customer service/attention/experience is in proper proportion to the fees you pay? 

16.  After a negative customer experience with your mobile provider, how would you like to react? 

17. Do you believe your negative reaction would move the mobile company to change their actions? 

18. Are you male or female?

19. Your age:

20. region in which you reside: 

21. What type of service do you have? 


Marketer Findings

1. How would you describe the current state of your business?

2. What factors are impacting and influencing your marketing operations? 

3. What issues or developments are impacting the mobile communications industry today? 

4. What are your top customer engagement priorities for the year ahead?  

5. Are you confident in your knowledge of customer retention, profitability, and lifetime value?  

6. What would improve your visibility into customer retention, profitability, and lifetime value? 

7. Have you invested in customer data aggregation, analytics, or segmentation platforms or programs in the past 12 months? 

8. If yes, what was the outcome of the program? 

9. What strategies are you employing to acquire new business? 

10. Are you actively engaging with existing customers specifically to upsell or cross-sell service or product offerings? 

11. What do you see as the essential contributors to assuring quality of customer experience? 

12. How are you adding value to customer communications and engagements? 

13. Are you implementing any transformational marketing programs to address customer data and insight mining and analysis?  

14. If yes, what are/were the primary goals and objectives of the program? 

15. Who are/were the critical stakeholders you are working/you will work with to ensure success of this data transformation initiative?  

16. What are your customers' primary sources of pain or most frequent complaints about your brand service, product, or company?

17. What is your title? 

18. In which regions does your company offer service? 


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