General Manager, Kitchen

Whirlpool—the world’s leading home appliance manufacturer—is introducing a new line of connected appliances and employing a family-oriented aftermarket strategy that saves money, effort and time for customers. Over the coming years, more and more appliances will be IoT-connected, however today, the vast majority of appliances in consumer’s homes are unconnected. Bill Beck, General Manager, Kitchen at Whirlpool Corporation–North America, says this is where aftermarket excellence can generate a surge in loyalty.

“Loyalty is very low in this industry,” Beck says. “To date, there’s more brand loyalty with cars or mobile phones, as consumers look for new releases of their favorite model. Part of what we’re trying to do at Whirlpool—and part of this is aftermarket—is help people view appliances in the same way they view their car or phone. We want them to brag about their appliance features and our services so that they will be inclined to keep coming back and invite the friends to try our products.”