Hussam Baday

Marketing Director,
Airtel Zambia

Baday shares why failure can be a good thing and how he uses past mistakes to create a better future.... More


Jakob Vendle

MS Diaries

For someone who lived through 20 cases of pneumonia, three years with a respirator, a year without eating, a 30-day coma, and can only move his thumb a twitch, life has not beaten Jakob Vendle down.... More

Deep Dive

Scott Tilton


With in-person events out the window in 2020, how has sports marketing adapted?... More


Peter Weedfald

SVP Marketing and Sales,

Meet the leader who oversees the sales and marketing for SHARP Electronics' home and commercial appliances.... More


Saul Betmead de Chasteigner

United Nations WFP

Meet the humble visionary who heads up marketing for one of the most influential organizations in the world.... More


Niamh Byrne

Advisory Board,

This International Women's Day, we're chatting with marketing master, Niamh Byrne, a seasoned marketer with diverse, global experience and a unique philosophy on marketing... More


Ash Parikh

Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing,

"LTV is a partnership, not a transaction"... More


Jennifer Foreman

SVP and Head of Global Growth Marketing,

Visual merchandising intelligence is changing the game when it comes to helping retailers and customers to take smart actions in-store.... More


Phani Nagarjuna

Founder & CEO,

Serial high tech entrepreneur and President of the Harvard Business School of Northern California Phani Nagarjuna shares how HBS laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial success and his biggest takeaways from working in Silicon Valley... More

Executive Perspective

Jake Beniflah

Executive Director,
Center for Multicultural Science

How can companies make "the big shift" in the age of multicultural consumerism?... More

Deep Dive

Brad Rosenfeld

Chief Marketing Officer,

Learn about how this FinTech company is disrupting the financial services market and addressing challenges as we recover from COVID-19... More

Get to Know

Paul Suchman

Chief Marketing Officer,
Entercom Communications

Learn more about the sound of marketing and why it's on the cusp of a major breakthrough within the marketing realm... More

Executive Perspective

Shehzad Bhanji

Head of Global Client Services,
QNB Group

After 20 years as a global marketing executive, Bhanji is an expert on cross-functional growth with strong relationships, a growth mindset and a creative attitude.... More

Get to Know

Allison Johnson

Former CMO of Paypal,

Get to know this veteran Silicon marketing executive, share her philosophy on what makes marketing special and the impact of technology on society... More

Get to Know

Evan Kent

Vice President, Integrated Marketing,
Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric's U.S. arm took a page out of the mission-impossible playbook and created a seven-person cross-functional team. Their VP of Integrated Marketing shares how they pulled it off. ... More

Executive Perspective

Samantha Fay

SVP Global Brand Strategy,
Guinness World Records

Samantha Fay shares what it means to be memorable in today's fast-paced marketing world and how even a 60-year-old company like Guinness World Records can thrive on social media.... More

Deep Dive

Craig Stacey

Marketing Thought Leader,
CMO Council

Craig Stacey explains his wish for marketers to rediscover the creative process and break away from the safe bet option when developing a compelling marketing campagin. ... More

Get to Know

Michael Therrien

Head of Content and Digital Marketing,

Michael Therrien discusses how IBM goes about getting high-quality leads and the importance of choosing vendors who will deliver these high-quality leads.... More