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Chief Digital Officer

The TUMI brand prides itself on a strong commitment to social awareness and giving back to the community. Employees believe that their brand represents a symbol of creativity, innovation and integrity and that their business can represent a better and more responsible future. Founded in 1975, TUMI's product quality and selection have made it a leading international business, accessory and travel lifestyle brand in more than 260 locations around the globe. TUMI's Chief Digital Officer, Charlie Cole, shares his insights regarding brand safety and the importance of digital brand protection for a brand defined by responsibility. 

Cole notes that the increased concern over digital ad safety for TUMI boils down to the potential damage that inappropriate ads could have on the brand, especially considering that brand health is imperative in the current market, where damaging statements can run like wildfire. TUMI ensures its own brand safety in digital environments by constantly monitoring content, analyzing and reacting to potential threats 24/7.