Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
United Rentals

Hummel explains that as the CMO, he must always be looking around the corner to see what’s ahead. For United Rentals, a very forward-thinking company targeted digital engagement is vital for the success of its marketing tactics. In fact, Hummel’s role is so strongly geared toward digital engagement that he jokes he may as well hold the title of Chief Digital Officer as well.

“We are building a pretty extensive strategy toward digital transformation,” Hummel explains. “We have traditionally been very strong both financially and operationally. Now, by adding the digital element, we are creating a very cohesive brand that is strong not only in terms of operations but also in customer engagement and brand recognition.”

The end goal of utilizing digital marketing techniques is growth, which is the main differentiator between an uncertain market and clear success.

Hummel advocates that everybody on the executive team at United Rentals is completely dedicated to the organization. They have a high level of accountability and expectation of growth. As the CMO, the expectation is no different. Hummel knows that this imperative of growth can only be achieved by a strong team and internal alliances that work together toward the same end-goal.