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Vice President of Brand Marketing Flavor Brands

Engaging consumers through video is an important component of the content strategy for many of the global brands Spanos oversees, and they have a very specific framework in place for all video.

“We have three types of video content: tentpole content, episodic content and always-on content,” he says. “Tentpole content is intended for broader reach, such as TV ad campaigns. Episodic content is more about building brand love, engagement and relevance through content, which could be a made-for-digital series or even a studio film. Always-on content is much more targeted, personalized and contextual, and it is intended to share a key message or visual that you want the consumer to remember and associate with the brand. All of this content follows a certain framework so we know why we are creating a piece of content, where it will be distributed, the key KPIs we’ll be using to measure performance, social sharing measures that we’re trying to push, etc.”


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