Mr. Landry is a technology, business & marketing executive with a long history of developing and marketing winning product portfolios and is a well-known industry leader in the areas of IT & Communications for his successful vision and strategies. Landry leads the strategic product portfolio planning and marketing for JMA wireless. Mr. Landry held senior positions in companies that include NEC Corporation, Sphere Communications, 3Com’s CommWorks Corporation, and U.S. Robotics, where he led strategy, product management, marketing, business development & alliances functions. Mr. Landry’s experience stems from a diverse background in engineering, marketing, and business where he developed an in depth knowledge of complex system architectures, software and wireless systems. Landry holds two patents in the area of communications and wireless data systems and is a regular speaker in numerous global forums, panels, keynotes, and in relations with media and analysts. He has been awarded numerous product achievement and market awards and was selected as one of the Top 100 Voices in the communications industry. He is a member and contributor to many technology and marketing organizations, company advisory boards, and has served on multiple industry standards boards. Mr. Landry attended DeVry University and Northeastern Illinois University.