In her present role as Head of Business Division, Kathryn has been a major player in the transformation of Foschini into a vital and dynamic fashion force. Prior to this, she was the Head of Marketing & E-Commerce. She has also spearheaded building the Donna-Claire brand and the launch and development of two new retail chains - Fashion Express and more recently, Luella.  

Kathryn began her career as a brand manager at Unilever after graduating from UCT with a Bachelor of Business Science (Honours) degree. She then worked as advertising manager at Sterns and marketing manager at Markhams before taking on the position of Marketing Director of Foschini; a proud achievement for a woman of 35. Kathryn has subsequently started a new department in the Foschini Group, which focuses on CRM, Market Intelligence, Group Marketing Campaigns and Strategic Communication. She is the winner of numerous awards, including the 2007 Top Woman Award for being the Top Business Executive in any Private or Public Sector Company. She has also written various articles which have been published, most recently in the Brands Encyclopaedia, the Sunday Times Top Brand Survey, Grad X magazine and in the marketing publication "Brand.”