Peter Weedfald is one of America’s top sales and marketing leaders. He is a high energy, detail oriented, results focused global executive with over 30 years of sales, marketing and operational leadership experience. As the senior vice president of Sales & Marketing at Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America (SEMCA), Peter is in a rare position in which he oversees sales and brand marketing for both Sharp’s U.S. Home and Commercial Appliance businesses. Peter has a strong background with senior level local/international experience and multiple industry exposures. Peter is well known for his highly collaborative approach, congressing disciplines and mature interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage successful results. He is also known for his passion for CE technology across product management, sales, marketing and operations as well for his CE industry philanthropy foundations and contributions focused on children in need. By aligning sales and marketing as one, Peter Weedfald has helped New Jersey-based Sharp Home Electronics Company of America focus on furthering its commitment to health, wellness and Simply Better Living by bringing highly relevant product offerings to consumers and businesses. Prior to SEMCA, Peter was the executive vice president of sales and marketing for Samsung Electronics in the U.S. and has also held senior executive roles as President of Gen One Ventures, SVP, CMO of Circuit City, EVP of ViewSonic Corp. and media company VP, Executive Publisher for the Ziff-Davis Publishing Company.
Peter is an avid and energizing keynote presenter, and author on topics in sales, marketing, technology, digital advertising and business leader- ship. His latest industry-centric book, Green Reign Leadership, is sold in over 11 countries with proceeds donated to various children’s charities. He is a dynamic speaker with extensive in-studio media training and has a powerful stage presence in public speaking environments and on-camera.