Oliver started his career at SAP in 1997 in development where he was responsible for building up and leading a central test organization. Later, he took over the responsibility for marketing activities at SAP Hosting. Further stations have been in strategic development, and Active Global Support being first, responsible for global product management of SAP‘s Premium Engagement Program including services such as SAP MaxAttention, followed by being responsible, as Director of Business Development, for the region Latin America. He then moved to Singapore in the same role taking over responsibility for Asia Pacific and supporting the rollout and sales of SAP’s premium support offering. Oliver was also responsible as Director of Business Development to drive SAP’s support offerings to success within the indirect channel. Since 2010, Oliver has taken over the responsibility for Support Marketing. This role was continuously extended throughout the years including more responsibilities within Support and later Services as well. Oliver is now responsible for Services and Support Marketing and External Communications heading a global team overseeing all marketing activities in this area and ensuring the integration into sales and marketing programs, campaigns and events worldwide.