Frank Oerlemans is the Chief Marketing Officer APAC at Randstad. He holds overall responsibility for marketing, communications and customer experience, and guides digital transformation across Asia Pacific. He is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in marketing and digital across multiple geographies, including tenure of more than 12 years in a global executive role at Randstad HQ in the Netherlands. He guided the growth of Randstad’s 38 operating companies in marketing, digital capabilities and digital transformation. He successfully co-developed Randstad's global Human Forward brand positioning, the first rebrand in over a decade for the company which moved the Randstad brand to match the company's strategic focus on empowering people through technology. Frank successfully built the company's digital marketing strategy from the ground up to an industry leading level. He is an early contributor to the corporate digital transformation program and innovation fund. After relocating to Sydney Australia in 2017, he took on the responsibility for ANZ and continued his global role with a focus on the Asia Pacific market. Since taking the lead, he has rapidly digitized the marketing function, evolved his team into high-performing marketers and driven impactful brand marketing campaigns that have increased profit and market share. Frank is passionate about cultivating independent high-performing teams and achieving growth and innovation by trial and error. He is even more passionate about spending time with his family, spinning decks or surfing in his downtime.