Shashank Sinha graduated in Economics from Nagpur and went on to specialise in marketing from Pune (1996). He joined Eureka Forbes in July 1996 as a management trainee and rose up to be its Chief Transformation Officer. He is currently Vice President & Product Group Head at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. Some of his experiences include brand management, involving brand extension and repositioning as well as management of national sales and marketing programmes. His 13-year journey in Eureka Forbes has taken him from marketing to business development to sales operations and back now to marketing. In this journey, Sinha has been a member of the prestigious 'Dream Team' of Eureka Forbes - an exclusive group of high achievers charged with the development and initiation of turnkey assignments that have a crucial bearing on the future path of the organisation. Though Sinha does not have any engineering degree, Eureka Forbes gave him the opportunity to set up their own vacuum cleaner manufacturing company and today, Forbes Aquamall Ltd is one of India's largest manufacturers of high quality vacuum cleaners. As Head of Eureka Forbes' Marketing function in the Direct Sales Division, Sinha looks after iconic brands like Aquaguard Water Purification System, Euroclean Vacuum Cleaners, Euroair Air Purifiers and Eurovigil Electronic Home Security Solutions. "Most professionals may wonder 'why such a long stint in one organisation?', I know why. Eureka Forbes has ensured I enjoy each moment of this journey. The pride of running 'my own company'; earning well to support my family; learning together while growing and I say with immense pride… I am a Eurochamp," says Sinha. The scent of a challenge is what drives him. Having been nurtured in the vibrant and aggressive environment of Asia's largest direct sales company, Sinha's pursuit has always been new and loftier pinnacles of performance, which continue to spur him on.