Lisa Pillette has a 20+ year record of successfully applying and scaling the latest technologies and innovations to help brands connect with their consumers in a new, emotion-driven way. Pillette’s current role as Global CMO sees her stewarding Fossil Group's overall marketing capability around the world, including brand marketing; licensor marketing; and Fossil’s global center of excellence capabilities. This includes marketing strategy and innovation, CRM, earned and paid media, creative content operations, the Studio, and go-to-market readiness. Previously, Ms. Pillette helped drive the revitalization of some of the most iconic brands such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Levi Strauss, HSN, and American Eagle Outfitters. Most recently she served as Chief Marketing Officer for Casper Sleep, where her successful relaunch of the direct-to-consumer brand's campaign earned her nomination as a 2021 Brand Innovators “Top 100 Women in Brand Marketing” and 2021 CMO Award for “Creativity & Storytelling.”  Today, Ms. Pillette continues to develop Fossil Group's marketing strategy for a cohesive approach across global and regional brand marketing teams, applying narratives that drive both global awareness as well as local relevance. In addition to her professional work, she is an active mentor and advisor. She serves on the boards of the CMO Council, Best Pets, and TRIPTK, a brand transformation group owned by Havas.