Valeria Abadi was born in Argentina. She is a professional specializing in Corporate Communications, Marketing, Advertising, Market Research, Social Media, Design and Human Resources with over 25 years of experience in multinational companies. In 2022 she assumed the position of Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communication at Globant, a digitally-native technology service company. She is a professor at Master’s degree programs in Latin America (Universidad Internacional de Ecuador, Panamerican Business School, Universidad Católica de Chile). She is Vice President at Círculo Dircoms of Argentina, a civil organization that brings together the Chief Communication Officers of the leading companies in the country, and a board member and former President at Consejo Publicitario Argentino, a nonprofit organization that produces campaigns to promote health, education and civil rights. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Belgrano and studied Journalism at TEA. In parallel with his professional development, she completed a postgraduate degree in Human Resources at IDEA and a Master's Degree in Communications Management in Organizations (Universidad Austral) and specialization courses at Harvard Business School, Northwestern University and California University. In 2020 she was distinguished as one of the 17 Women to Watch in Argentina, a recognition granted by Adlatina Magazine. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she received the Jerry Goldenberg Award for Excellence in Communication in the Public Relations Professional Category, and in 2016 the Public Relations Professional of the Year Award from the Public Relations Professional Council and the Company Marketing Professional of Food granted by AMDIA.