Totti is Executive Vice President of Uno Radio Group, the largest radio group in Puerto Rico with 13 stations (AM & FM) and a production company; responsible for the marketing, sales, promotion, events and web sites.  A Senior Marketing Strategist with more than 34 years of experience. Totti was instrumental in the creation of the first radio conglomerate in the Puerto Rico Market, Prime Media Broadcast Group, and the revamping of the radio as a $100+ million dollar industry.  He also was in charge of the consolidation of three radio companies in what is today SBS Radio in Puerto Rico, an eleven station company and the complete launching into the market. Totti held senior positions in Telemundo (GE Company), Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS), AM-FM Radio, Chancellor Radio, Prime Media Radio, Pegasus Broadcasting Corp. and El Mundo Newspaper.  Totti hold a Bachelor Degree in Communications and Marketing from University of Puerto Rico, is Certified in Radio Marketing Manager.  Raymond has been nominated for the Top Sales Award by the Sales & Marketing Executives Association in Puerto Rico.