Nicholas is an innovator and leader in the fields of F&B, Hospitality, Marketing and has over 15 years of experience at senior management level within these sectors. He is passionate about enhancing staff and customer experiences and believes in differentiating organisations through innovative ideas and concepts lead by talented people and strong leadership principals. Nicholas currently is the Founder and Managing Director of Kroma, which is a F&B and Marketing Advisory. Prior in setting up Kroma, Nicholas has lead various F&B companies within the Middle East and Africa.He is a Foodie by nature and enjoys spending time in the F&B and digital landscapes. Currently Managing Director of Kroma which is a F&B and Marketing Advisory. Our main focus is to build and optimise F&B concepts into profitable and sustainable business models. We strive to establish meaningful relationships with our customers, which we execute by adapting a s360° ‘ Hands On ’ approach. Previously Global Head of Marketing and Innovation for FoodFund International LLC (Holding Company) which includes a portfolio of brands, The Meat Company, Tribes, Ribs and Rumps, Eat Greek and Bentley Bistro with operations in Middle East, Africa, Europe and Australasia.