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2024-05-14 08:00:00 2024-05-14 09:00:00 Asia/Muscat 5th Annual Marketing Leaders 2024 The event addresses current challenges in the Age of AI and Digital Marketing for marketing leadership in the Middle East. CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

5th Annual Marketing Leaders 2024
Marketing Leaders 2024 - From Data to Value in the Age of Applied and Generative AI

May 14, 2024 - May 16, 2024
8:00 AM Asia/Muscat


The 5th Annual Marketing Leaders 2024 event takes place in Dubai, UAE, May 14-16, 2024. Hosted by Marcus Evans conferencing company, the high-profile marketing event addresses current challenges in the Age of AI and Digital Marketing.

CMO Council is a partner to Marketing Leaders 2024, which is also supported by the participation of speakers from global and regional brands such as Google, Samsung, Kraft Heinz, Barclays, Alshaya Group, Aljomaih Beverages Company, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Emaar, Vodafone, NEOM, Porsche, Mashreq, GWC, EFG Holdings, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Chalhoub Group, FIFA, Navigate Consulting, and more.

Highlights of the summit agenda include a keynote from Google, UK, on “Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Age” by harnessing the potential of cutting-edge tools and techniques to decode consumer behaviour and preferences effectively, and a workshop on “Generative AI: Redefining Creativity in Digital Marketing”:

In the fast-paced realm of business and marketing, time equates to money, and the integration of AI has ignited a transformative wave. This workshop invites delegates to explore the evolving landscape of possibilities that Generative AI promises to unlock; and the impact of AI on business and marketing strategies, exploring its capacity to analyze data, make predictions and automate tasks, thereby redefining customer engagement, operational efficiency, and overall growth.  

  • Session One: The Integration of AI in Marketing Strategies
  • Session Two: Exploring Generative AI's Impact - A practical and hands-on approach
  • Session Three: Digital Marketing Channels with Generative AI and Emerging Technologies
  • Session Four: The AI Enablers in Data Analysis, Predictive Modeling and Organizational Integration.

High level CMO Council participation includes a presentation on April 14 from CMO Council Advisory Middle East Board member, Haris Munif, Head of Marketing AMEA at HMD, on “Reshaping Marketing Goals” by aligning teams with company vision in the era of sustainable business practices and evolving consumer expectations. Munif will speak on:

  • Ensuring sustainability becomes a key driver of business decisions, not just a peripheral concern
  • Cultivating a culture where sustainability innovation is an ongoing process
  • Emphasising the eco-friendly aspects of products or services and why they matter
  • Implementing changes in operations to align with sustainability.

Mohamed AlTajer, Chairman of the CMO Council Advisory Board, Middle East, also hosts a fireside chat at the conference on ‘Innovative Tactics: Succeeding in the Digital Ecosystem through Content Creation, SEO Optimisation, and Algorithmic Adaptation in a Competitive Landscape’, through:

  • Encouraging uniqueness, creativity, and relevance in marketing and branding content to stand out 
  • Leveraging innovation as a key driver for content creation strategies to capture audience attention and engagement
  • Understanding audience needs, preferences, and behaviors to tailor content for maximum impact
  • Gen AI - How this helps?

AlTajer will also host a panel discussion on ‘What Else Do Gen Z Consumers Want?’ on meeting the rising expectations of next-gen consumers, through crafting consumer experiences tailored to the interests of this generation; recognizing the values of Gen Z and Millennials, particularly their interest in social issues for successful marketing efforts; embracing innovation within industries that allows companies to stay ahead and maintain relevance with younger consumers; and emphasising personalization, simplicity, authenticity and technology for enhanced engagement.

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The full Marcus Evans Marketing Leaders 2024 agenda includes the following high-level presentations:

  • Power of Creativity - Exploring the role of creativity in growing brand, with a particular focus on its impact from a marketing perspective
  • Optimising Retail Strategies - Strategizing localisation and omni-channel transformation through tailored marketing approaches
  • Building Authentic C-Suite Relationships - Understand the necessity for marketing leaders to establish authentic and deep relationships with CEOs and CFOs 
  • Elevating B2B Marketing - Harnessing AI for revenue growth
  • The Future of Contactless - QR codes, contactless payments, and the evolving concept of value exchange
  • What 'Else' Do Gen Z Consumers Want? Meeting the rising expectations of next-gen consumers
  • Integration and Governance in Marketing - Ethics, risk management, and customer experiences
  • Maximizing ROI and Customer Loyalty - Harnessing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for brand growth and sustainable business relationships
  • Sustainability in Marketing - Building trust through transparent and ethical brand communication in post-COP28 realities
  • The Power of Data - Why understanding your digital data is crucial and the benefits you harness
  • Ethical Practices in Social Media Marketing - Promoting transparency and authenticity in your online presence
  • Strategic Collaborations - Leveraging partnerships, BNPL, and loyalty points for enhanced customer experience and benefits.


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Haris Munif

Haris Munif

Head of Marketing AMEA at HMD

Haris Munif is currently the Head of Marketing AMEA at HMD, the largest European manufacturer of smartphones and maker of Nokia phones. He is an award-winning brand leader with 20 years international marketing experience with various technology, entertainment, and lifestyle brands, including global tech giant Samsung where he led some of the region’s biggest brand campaigns. His areas of expertise include integrated marketing, omni-channel strategy, brand partnerships, experiential engagement, digital transformation and cross-functional leadership.

Mohamed AlTajer

Mohamed AlTajer

Chairman: CMO Council, Middle East

Mohamed AlTajer is a board member, founder, partner, mentor, advisor and consultant with a strong ROI and leadership track record in sectors including Financial Services (Fintech, Crypto, Banking & Insurance), FMCG, Airlines, and Retail. He comes with global experience and works with accelerators to mentor and advise start-ups. He has also led global teams in Fortune 500, regional organizations, at C-Suite leadership positions for the past 30 years. He is passionate about Innovation, Digital Transformation, Business Development, Big Data, Analytics, CX and Marketing.