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2018-05-11 16:00:00 2018-05-11 17:00:00 CDX Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit The Summit in New York will feature executives from HSBC,eSurance, groupM, AIG, GE Transporation, Johnson & Johnson, and more. New York, NY CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

CDX Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit

May 11, 2018
Columbia University's Lerner Hall
New York, NY
In Partnership with: CDX Academy

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The CDX Forums is proud to announce the launch of our first "deep-dive" CDX Academy event - The CDX Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit. The Summit is set for May 11, 2018 at Columbia University's Lerner Hall in New York City.

This unique Blockchain event will look past the hype surrounding Blockchain and speculative crypto-currencies and bring the companies, institutions, start-ups and disruptors, digital innovators and industry thought-leaders that are leveraging Blockchain, and digital currencies where relevant, to implement real-world use and business cases that impact customer engagement, the customer experience, customer data sovereignty, digital advertising and media, identity and rights management, and are driving broader digital business innovation and transformation. While it's very early-stage and the jury is still out on Blockchain's potential impact on digital business and the customer experience, we look forward to framing the debate and facilitating a robust, interactive discussion about the real-world potential of Blockchain and the business and innovation ecosystems that are forming around these emerging platforms and technologies.


The CDX Academy Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit is NOT an event about emerging speculative crypto-currencies and asset classes. Our goal is to explore the potential for Blockchain, and crypto-currencies only when applicable and relevant, to impact and transform the following:

  • Customer Engagement & The Customer Experience
  • Digital Business Transformation, Operational Efficiencies & Business Model Innovation
  • Media & Advertising (transparency and efficiency, impact on exchanges, data implications)
  • Brand Trust, Transparency, and Sustainability
  • Data Sovereignty (consumer ownership / monetization of their personal data)
  • Content Authentication & Monetization  (monetization for content owners, rights management, etc.)
  • Product Innovation (product development and provenance authentication)
  • The Role of Digital Currencies For Brands & Enterprises (Brand/Product ICOs, private marketplaces, tokens, etc..)

Use code CMO30 for a 30% discount off the Advance Rate. If you have any questions regarding this event, please reach out to Twinee Villanueva at tvillanueva@cmocouncil.org.