Dinner Dialogue

2015-06-02 06:30:00 2015-06-02 07:30:00 Dinner Dialogue: Data Shift and Business Lift New York City, NY CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

Dinner Dialogue: Data Shift and Business Lift

June 2, 2015
New York City, NY
6:30 AM

Big data, automation and many other of today’s most buzzed about marketing concepts have led to solutions that are more hype than helpful. This disappointment not only reinforces the defensive mindset that many marketing execs feel, but also demonstrates the need for new, forward-moving strategies that track to real action and revenue— not just to simple potential for return.


Please join the CMO Council's executive roundtable where the focus of our conversation will be around shifting the data mindset from asking “why” to knowing “how” to help senior leaders accelerate marketing performance with action and accountability.


During dinner, we will explore such questions as:


  • How can an organization shift the data mindset away from a single-vector approach and instead tether data to drive revenue?
  • In an age of big data overload, marketers need to cut through the noise and clutter to quickly connect marketing action with revenue. So how does marketing deliver insights that matter to the business?
  • What are the actionable channels of insight that can elevate brand strategy and enable marketers to understand what actually drives customers to purchase?
  • In a sea of massive data sets and countless big data promises, what is really missing, and what will move the needle?