Dinner Dialogue

2014-10-22 06:30:00 2014-10-22 07:30:00 Dinner Dialogue: The Cultural Connection To Brand Attraction New York NY CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

Dinner Dialogue: The Cultural Connection To Brand Attraction

October 22, 2014
New York NY
6:30 AM

How do consumer brands stay relevant, real and robust in a rapidly evolving and culturally complex global market?  With 195 countries and 6,500 languages around the world, the challenge is daunting as brands seek new methods and motivators to connect and engage with audiences in social media, experiential and advertising channels. The Cultural Connection to Brand Attraction is a new area of CMO Council conversation and we’ll be initiating the first dialogue on the topic in New York City on October 22nd.


Participating will be researchers from Added Value, a WPP firm that has developed a way to monitor and quantify a brand’s “Cultural Traction” and its competitive position in a broader brand universe. Its latest cultural-centric audit of big global brands uses a four-point scoring system. This determines whether brands are gaining or losing VIBE based on the degree to which they are viewed as visionary, inspiring, bold and exciting. According to the latest study, brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, IKEA and Microsoftappear to have the most Cultural Traction. Join our conversation as we seek to learn more about best practices in cultivating cultural affinity and attachment.


Be prepared to respond to questions like:


  • What accommodations are you making to cultural variations and sensitivities
  • How are you tracking and measuring brand relevance and resonance worldwide?What cultural images, icons or elements are youusing to better relate to your market?
  • What cultural forces and factors are influencing how your brand is perceived?

Be our guest Wednesday, October 22nd, as the CMO Council hosts a true gathering of marketing peers, opinion and thought leaders. To request an invitation, please contact Brittney Terry at bterry@cmocouncil.org or 408.677.5262.