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2019-04-10 18:30:00 2019-04-10 19:30:00 America/New_York Doing More With Data (Charlotte) Attend our dinner in partnership with IBM Watson to discuss how the shift toward the customer has necessitated innovation across data, analytics and holistic operations. Charlotte, NC CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org
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Doing More With Data (Charlotte)
Integrating Data Assets and Real-Time Insights to Amplify and Multiply Customer Value

April 10, 2019
Charlotte, NC
6:30 PM Eastern Time
In Partnership with: IBM Watson

There is a truth that the vast majority of executives across marketing, commerce and supply chain will all agree upon: the matter  in experience delivery isn’t a lack of data. In fact, some may actually note that there is too much data—so much that organizations find that they are allocating more resources storing than acting on the massive quantities of data coming in across an ever-growing landscape of sources. Simply put, data is everywhere. The real art of engagement is the adaptive ability to do and create more value with it.

As organizations seek to deliver increasingly  connected and holistic engagements spanning the breadth of the customer journey, marketers, commerce, and supply chain leaders are all grappling with eerily similar issues, applied in radically different ways. While all executives are working towards identifying  a comprehensive, 360-degree vision of the customer, each must look through their own functional lens.

For the marketer, this means understanding the touchpoints and moments of opportunity to engage in more relevant and valuable ways. For the commerce leader, it means understanding intentions and behaviors to seize opportunities to design recommendations  enhancing the customer experience. For the supply chain leader, this means seeing the totality of the supply chain to proactively remove points of friction to efficiently deliver on the network of promises being made upstream by both marketing and commerce teams.

The new engagement reality involves multiple vantage points, multiple functional mandates and multiple touchpoints, all at the junction of  unique and individual customers.

The complexity of this new dynamic necessitates that organizations innovate in order to align functional stakeholders. It demands access to real-time intelligence across a single pane of glass, offering total transparency and visibility to all stakeholders in engagement, but with comprehensive lenses specific  to translate valuable insights to individual functional teams. Leading-edge organizations have turned to technology to advance data and intelligence initiatives, applying advanced analytics and cognitive computing capabilities to not only aggregate and manage massive troves of known and dark data, but also to deliver relevant intelligence back to the organization facilitating foresight into profitable action.

The CMO Council, in partnership with IBM Watson Customer Engagement, will gather senior marketing, commerce and supply chain executives to discuss and debate where and how the shift toward the customer continues to necessitate  innovation across data, analytics and holistic operations. Among the key issues to be discussed by these cross-functional peer-powered roundtables are:

  • How organizations are centralizes the modern  plethora of data to work, as well as finding new ways to extract value from multiplying sources of insight (IoT, martech apps, third-party APIs, etc.) and unstructured content (both inside and outside of the enterprise)
  • Issues of data availability, accessibility, quantity, quality, timeliness, transparency, dependency, disorder, drag, delay and dysfunction
  • The competitive imperative to leverage real-time, refined data for research, revenue growth, customer gratification and trusted decision support
  • Identification of gaps and deficiencies in the data value chain, as well as identifying the impact these data gaps have specific to the customer journey, path to purchase, lifetime value and delivery of the end-to-end experience
  • Examples of business model and engagement innovations powered by cognitive computing

If you are interested in attending this dinner or have any questions, please reach out to Christine Chiang at cchiang@cmocouncil.org.