2021-04-29 10:00:00 2021-04-29 11:00:00 America/Los_Angeles How Brands Use Creative Intelligence to Unleash their Social Advertising & Content Performance Discover how major brands agencies use creative intelligence to optimize creative and content performance across their campaigns. CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

How Brands Use Creative Intelligence to Unleash their Social Advertising & Content Performance

April 29, 2021
10:00 AM Pacific Time
In Partnership with: BrandTotal

What is covered

Join us for a lively panel discussion as we dive into the strategic role that creative intelligence plays in today’s advertising landscape. If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that data-driven insights help creative teams quickly and successfully develop and adapt their content and campaigns, resulting in better engagement, conversions, and return on ad spend.

But with so many variables to consider, how do you decide what to pay attention to? For example, are messaging trends, competitive offers, SOV, media mix, or consumer sentiment more or less important to you? We’ll share best practices and insider tips that brand advertisers and agencies use to optimize creative and content performance across their campaigns. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get creative inspiration and strategic advertising insights from your competitors
  • Use creative intelligence to improve the ROI on your campaign performance
  • Evaluate creatives against your goals, regardless of where they fall in the funnel
  • Reduce time to creative, time to adaptation, and time to insights
  • Pivot strategy to what’s working and avoid what doesn’t

Don't miss this insightful webinar on what an agile brand advertising process looks like today and how major brands and agencies use creative intelligence to optimize across the board. If you want to learn how data-driven insights yield better creative performance -- and how that impacts the bottom line -- you'll definitely want to attend this webinar!


Jordan Lalor

Jordan Lalor

Senior Social Media Specialist, Mercedes-Benz USA

Jordan Lalor heads up the social media team at Mercedes-Benz USA, overseeing paid and organic social, community management, content strategy, and content production in the U.S. He has served as an account manager at First Insight, a tech-startup specializing in big data and predictive analytics in fashion retail, and spend three years racing in multiple Red Bull Crashed Ice events between 2014-2016.

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Peter Atanasoff

Peter Atanasoff

Vice President, Scratch Marketing + Media

Peter Atanasoff serves as the Vice President at Scratch Marketing + Media, an integrated B2B marketing and PR agency. Previously Peter worked in management consulting for the Boston Consulting Group, and as part of senior management within the manufacturing, technology, and retail industries, after working with KPMG and Arthur Andersen.

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Mark Mansfield

Mark Mansfield

Senior Vice President, Global Growth & Partnerships, BrandTotal

Passionate about growing brands and helping them punch above their weight. Seriously obsessed with the end-to-end cycle of brand growth; from market trends and consumer insights, through creative and media performance all the way to consumer engagement and brand performance. I love experimenting, learning and iterating to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy. As Global Head of Growth & Partnerships for BrandTotal, I lead revenue growth across all channels worldwide.

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