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2013-04-04 00:00:00 2013-04-04 01:00:00 Live Roundtable Broadcast: Big Data's Biggest Role, Aligning the CMO & CIO Broadcast CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

Live Roundtable Broadcast: Big Data's Biggest Role, Aligning the CMO & CIO

April 4, 2013
12:00 AM

This live roundtable broadcast will discuss key trends, issues and imperatives as both marketers and IT leverage big data to build and advance the customer centric enterprise. 

Big data has become the unifying force that is inextricably connecting the role of the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer. Once battling over governance, technology and budget, the savvy CMO and CIO have started to develop key strategic alliances, leveraging big data as a critical path to achieving true, lasting and profitable customer centricity.
According to the CMO Council’s latest study, titled “Big Data’s Biggest Role,” both marketing and IT both believe that customer centricity must start with a corporate culture that focuses all strategies and programs around the needs of the customer. It is clear that both CMO and CIO see data – or more specifically big data’s role in delivering deep insights, understanding and intelligence about customers, markets and operational efficiencies – as critical to success. Yet, more often than not, marketing and IT are pitted against one another, struggling to partner on priority projects. As brands look to optimize customer lifetime value through more personal timely, targeted and engaging interactions, customer data will bind together the CMO and CIO.


Liz Miller, CMO Council, VP of Operations and Marketing Programs
Wilson Raj, SAS, Global Customer Intelligence Director