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Pre-CMO Council Summit Webcast - CMO Rising: Reshaping The Role

December 1, 2015
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12:00 AM

Chief marketing officers are being challenged to fortify their positions, expand authority and assert ownership of critical leadership roles in their organizations. They are surrounded by title inflation in the C-suite with multiplying turfs and sub-divisions of responsibility, including “chiefs” of revenue, digital, data, customer experience, relationships, insights and innovation. In many organizations, marketing still struggles for legitimacy and credibility.


While the appointment of a CMO sends the right signal, the credentials, character and capability of this emerging C-level executive member are of critical importance to internal acceptance and permanency. A true CMO must be the CEO-in-waiting, groomed in all aspects of the business and a true leader and value-setter for the organization. Many CMOs aspire to this role, but few make it to the corner office and even less serve on corporate boards. As the realities and requirements for a CMO are reflected in the selection and appointment process, this is likely to change. 


Today’s increasingly complex, distributed and digitally driven marketing ecosystem is putting pressure on global marketers to better integrate and manage data, best of breed solutions, creative resources, brand assets and go-to-market functions. While digital marketing complexity is enormous—providing most CMOs with major transformation challenges—many are thriving on new customer insights and campaign measurement tools that make a strong case for marketing value, spend and sales pipeline contributions. They are collaborating at unprecedented levels with CFOs, CIOs and COOs, as well as establishing themselves as market experts, customer experience architects, and well-informed global strategists.


To kick off our global CMO Council CMO Summit 2015, we will be hosting three pre-summit webcasts that will explore these topics and provide further insights into what to expect and topics for discussion at each summit.


 CMO Summit North America Pre-Summit On-Demand Webcast




  • Liz Miller, SVP Marketing- CMO Council
  • Ken Wincko, SVP, Marketing - PR Newswire
  • Martyn Etherington - CMO Summit Chair


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