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2012-08-07 16:00:00 2012-08-07 17:00:00 The Secret to Reducing Churn: Predict Who You Can Save Instead of Who's Likely to Leave Learn how telco providers can leverage analytics to identify customers they can persuade to stay and which "save" offer will work best, while identifying the customers your marketing efforts Webinar (free to attend) CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

The Secret to Reducing Churn: Predict Who You Can Save Instead of Who's Likely to Leave

August 7, 2012
Webinar (free to attend)

Time: 2:00pm EDT / 11:00am PDT

There was a time when you could just blanket a trade area with offers ranging from TV to cable to wireless to mobile. Not anymore. As new competitors enter an already saturated market, the focus has shifted to retention-and the "blanket approach" is neither efficient nor customer-centric. Every customer engagement should have reasonable potential to add business value, and marketers need to keep in mind that there is also often a downside to engaging the customer needlessly: increased customer churn and wasted marketing dollars.

Join our webinar to learn a new approach communications providers are taking to reduce customer churn. The secret is to focus marketing efforts on those customers that will react positively to a message, while weeding out those that will churn anyway, will never churn, or could react negatively to a solicitation.

Dr. Patrick Surry of Pitney Bowes Software will discuss some of the latest analytical best practices and approaches available for telco providers for customer retention, including:

- The importance of creating a consolidated view of the subscriber in reducing churn and increasing ARPU
- Using analytics to unlock the value of data
- Why many retention campaigns increase overall voluntary churn
- The difference between predicting churn and predicting saveability
- How to identify Persuadables, Lost causes, Sure Things or Sleeping Dogs
- Actioning results by outbound campaigns or real-time decisioning in inbound channels